Best Spray Paint for Guns in 2020

Repainting your firearm is the best way to maintain and give that a brand-new look, but you won’t get that perfect finish with the un-suitable and from the paint of low quality. 

With the best spray paint for guns, you will not only restore your old firearm, but you will also make sure that your weapon can easily resist moisture, oil, corrosion, grease, and more. There are lots of elements to base on when you choose the paint. From the flexibility in colors, the fast-drying features to harsh conditions standing, they are all equally important. 

However, when you are shopping online, it’s not always clear which brands and which formulations are the. We have done the hard work for you and assembled a list of reviews of the best spray paints for guns, so that you can find the variety that works great for your needs and fits nicely into your budget, too. 

Hopefully at the end of this article you would become a potential expert in painting guns. 

Have a look!

Product Name



1). Brownells Aluma-Hyde II Epoxy-based Firearms Finish

2). Krylon Colormaster Spray Paint + Primer, Gloss

3). Rust-Oleum Camouflage Gun Spray Paint

4). Dupli-Color Engine Enamel Firearm Spray Paint

5). VHT SP730 Gloss Clear Brake Caliper Paint

6). Seymour EN-42 Hi-Tech Engine Spray Paint, Universal

10 Best Gun Spray Paints:

1). Brownells Aluma-Hyde II Epoxy-based Firearms Finish 

Our top pick is Brownella Alum-Hyde. If you are protective one about your paint then this is the right choice for you as it protects against the chemicals that are used for painting your weapon.  It offers a wide range of colors which enables you to choose the one which you want. 

Beside that this paint is perfect for different surfaces and creates an even finish to your gun. The product comes with an ingredient that enables it to cure in a severe state which allows it to give a durable finish capacity. This feature allows it to stick like a leech on metal as well as on plastics, alloy, and aluminum, carrying your gun the perfect finish that you have always desired for. 


  • Semi-gloss finish.
  • Durable finish 
  • Works on different surfaces


  • Expensive
  • Takes time for cure 
  • Nozzles my sometime clog

2). Krylon Colormaster Spray Paint 

The krylon 51601 is indeed a great choice because it sticks to almost all types of materials. It produces moisture-resistant finish which should last for a long time, even in humid weather as well. It has a fast drying agent that will enable you to put multiple coats in half an hour. None of these features would matter if the paint didn’t look good, and it does, which leads many to suspect that they’ll be out an arm and a leg for this brand. Nope! This is one of the most economical purchases you can make, which is why we’ve rated it “best value” on our list. 

Our one problem which isn’t with the paint, but with the cans, which sometimes come missing a spray nozzle or with expired, chunky contents. If Krylon fixed this problem, this spray paint would be higher on our list. 


  • Sticks to plastic 
  • Fast-drying quality
  • Moisture resistant


  • Little issues with the quality control

3). Rust-Oleum Camouflage Gun Spray Paint 

The Rust-Oleum is again a great choice for hunters who are conscious about their equipment blending well into the surroundings just the way they do. This product comes in different colors which means that a user can produce different ultimate patterns on their weapon. This paint is only for simple surfaces like wood or metal but difficult to adhere with plastic. 

The finish is non-reflective and not as glossy as other spray paints, but it dries in about half an hour so you don’t have to be out of commission for an extended period of time. 

In general, this is a great product available at a reasonable price, and if you are looking to camouflage your hunting equipment, you’re getting a great bang for the buck with its 6-pack.     


  • Non-reflective and ultra-flat finish 
  • Dries fast 
  • Works on different materials
  • Several colors for camouflage.


  • Doesn’t stick well to plastic

4). Dupli-Color Engine Enamel Firearm Spray Paint 

The Dupli-Color EDE161307 is originally meant for coating engine blocks so you can have the confidence that it will stand up to almost any kind of abuse that you throw at it. It is very durable due its inclusion of ceramic resins in the paint which makes it resistant till 500-degree Fahrenheit. It’s designed not to blister, flake, crack, or peel, so it’s good for surfaces on your weapons that are going to see a lot rubbing. 

The EZ nozzle is an added feature which makes the application of this product very easy. Bear in mind that it is also not completely water resistant, which means that if you’re caught in a rainstorm, you might see all your work run off your guns. However, if you’re looking for a durable, heat-resistant paint that will resist most kinds of wear, this is a good paint that can be had at a good price. 


  • EZ touch nozzle 
  • Doesn’t peel or crack 
  • Heat resistant


  • High- gloss
  • Not a water resistant

5). VHT SP730 Gloss Clear Brake Caliper Paint

This product has a superb durability and resistance capability. It is a mixture of urethane and ceramic resins. Due to this solid formula, the VHT SP130 can easily withstand rust, corrosion, and chemicals. It can resist high temperatures up to 550-degrees Fahrenheit and just requires 24 hours to dry completely. 

It can be used on plastic, metal and even rubber but the color would be long lasting plastic and metal. However, when used on a rubber it is recommended to cook the product at 200 degrees for one hour. Otherwise, the paint will bubble and peel. 


  • Provides with maximum durability and heat resistance.
  • Due to its unique formula, it can withstand corrosion, chemicals and rust.


  • If you will not shake before using, the color will faint and get pale.
  • The color will seem to be the same as in the pictures.

6). Seymour EN-42 Hi-Tech Engine Spray Paint, Universal

This Seymour EN-42 Hi-Tech Spray Paint is created for maximum endurance, and it has heat resistance up to 300-Degree F. It is also gas and chemical resistant. For better and long -lasting results, you will need to have at least two layers of paint. It is recommended to use primer first. Using primer will assure that your paint will stay longer and will not crack under severe weather conditions such as heat and with primer, your paint color will be more consistent not pale. 

Though the first coat will cover well but if a consistent color is required, a second layer would be needed. But note that at the end it might not be as glossy as you would want to. 


  • Durable and resistant to high temperature 
  • Chemical and gas resistant 
  • Dries quickly 
  • Restores original color to rifles, engines and other OEM equipment


  • If you want a glossier finish, this paint will not work

Important Recommendations 

As earlier mentioned, we have spent quite our time and resources and tried to give you the most authentic guide that you can put your trust on. After being informed about the best available spray paint for guns in the market we now come with important recommendations that you should consider before making a final verdict about selecting a product. These might help you from any post purchase dissonance and can simplify your decision-making process. 

  • Quality of Paint: One of your first considerations should be the quality of the paint. If it’s not going to hold up to extended use, then you’re not getting a good deal, no matter how cheap it is. Make sure that you select the one that bonds well to metals well which mostly don’t.  If you are a hunter then look for the paint that has matte formulation, instead of glossy as glossy ones make your weapons harder to spot in many hunting situations. You have to be careful for the fact that not all the paints are good with handling heat which would quickly lower the quality of your purchase once you used the firearms. You’d hate to have to constantly reapply the spray paint to keep your firearms looking good. 
  • Mixture Quality: You would be happy when you find a cheap spray paint but it’s a possibility that its nozzle might clog. Cleaning the nozzle with mineral water or replacing the nozzle, if possible, can help mitigate this problem. This is the reason that you are recommended to shake your can well before using. Some people have even experienced an expired can. This clearly tells that a formulation is runny or prone to clogging from a product description alone, so you need to do some research. 
  • Cure time: Different brands have different times to get cures. Some brands even claim their dry to touch time is just only 10-15 minutes which indeed is a nice feature especially when you have to do multiple coats but every product needs sufficient time to get cure. You can shorten this cure time by baking your product in the oven. Remember that this only works for certain brands, and even then, that’s something you should only do if there are provided instructions for doing so. 
  • Moisture Resistance: This is one of the important qualities of a firearm. Obviously you will not get optimal conditions and especially in a rainy season some firearms may not work well as they are poor to handle humid conditions. Paint will not come out from your weapon but it will be vulnerable to smudging, chipping, or rubbing off in places, which is something no one should have to deal with. 
  • Note that if it is not specifically mentioned that the product is moisture resistance then believe me it is not. This is a valuable feature which any company will not at all overlook or forget to mention. 
  • Reviews: When you are using any spray paint for a gun you are not worried about the smudges and runs on the firearm. You will definitely have a fresh new look of your weapon if you follow the instructions properly. However, we would recommend you to always read the user's review of that specific product, this way you could see yourself if the product really offers that smooth finish everybody tells you about. 


At the end of this guide will make you realize how important a spray paint is to keep your firearm in top shape. Hopefully this guide will help you to understand what actually you need and what is available in the market. Armed with this information, you should be able to get a high-quality finish in an easy, low-cost manner, that you’ll love for a long time. 

Happy Shopping

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