5 Best Commercial Paint Sprayers

Commercial paint sprayer? Perhaps you are considering purchasing a paint sprayer, but you have no idea where to start. Whether you are an already experienced painter or you want to start a career,  you can learn many things from this buying guide before investing in your next commercial paint sprayer.

While comparing the best commercial paint sprayers to consumer-grade models, you’ll notice that a critical difference is the size of the machine. Sprayers that are designed for smaller projects will be lighter and easier to carry, but they will definitely not have the same level of power or performance.

Here is the list of the top 5 best commercial paint sprayers:



Editor Rating

1). Fuji 2895-T75G Q5 Platinum 

5 Best Commercial Paint Sprayers (2020 Edition)

2). Titan ControlMax 1700 PRO High-Efficiency 

3). Graco Magnum 262805 X7 Cart Airless 

5). Graco Magnum 257025  

5 Best Commercial Paint Sprayers Reviews:

1). Fuji 2895-T75G Q5 Platinum Quiet HVLP Spray System

5 Best Commercial Paint Sprayers (2020 Edition)

When picking the best model for your requirements, you will want to compare different sprayers on the bases of their functioning. In this case, high-volume low-pressure (HVLP) systems are perfect for those who want to get a even coating in less time.

Since it uses less pressure to get the job done, you can get the job done with a smaller motor. It ensures that it is easy to move, so Fuji makes sure that you get the maneuverability you need.

The Q5 Platinum Spray System from Fuji delivers high-performance without a bulky or noisy machine. Although the five-stage motor can process a ton of pain at once, you don’t need to wear earplugs to while it's working. It’s whisper quiet and can be utilized in a variety of locations without any problem.

The best thing about the Q5 is that you can fully adjust both the airspeed and spray pattern. It allow's you to use this model for a wider variety of projects. no matter you’re doing arts and crafts, painting furniture, or working in a whole room, this machine can handle every project with ease.

Besides it uses a relatively small paint cup, a great thing about it, that its gravity fed. This means that you get better atomization and dispersal of the paint without having to shuffle the settings too much. Also, you’re able to use more paint since it doesn’t have to sip from a bottom-fed cup.

If you wish for a small, easy to use and manoeuvrable commercial paint sprayer, the Q5 from Fuji is one tremendous choice. It will make every paint job a breeze, no matter how huge or small.

Main Features

  • HVLP paint sprayer
  • Powerful five-stage turbine motor
  • Variable control speed settings
  • Extra quiet operation
  • Adjustable spray pattern
  • Gravity-fed paint cup
  • Long-lasting stainless steel gun
  • Quick connect couplings for convenience

2). Titan ControlMax 1700 PRO High-Efficiency Airless Paint Sprayer

While comparing the best commercial sprayers, we have to mention that one of the top models we reviewed is the Titan ControlMax. It is another perfect machine for outdoor projects, but it’s more compact and easier to move around than the Magnum and rated for longer life as well. If you need a sprayer that can last longer and provide the results you need over and over again, the 1700 PRO is the ideal choice.

The first thing that we liked about this sprayer is its simplicity. You can assembling the unit in no time at all, and  ready to go in minutes. We also like to appreciate the fact that it comes with its own hand truck, which enables you to carry it around the job site swiftly and easily. Also, having a 25-foot flex hose adds the agility of this machine.

The motor is another reason for falling in love with the 1700 PRO. It’s built as a high-efficiency airless (HEA) sprayer, which allows you to minimize overspray and waste that you would otherwise experience. This machine is better than the competitors because it provides the same results and consumes less paint.

You can paint directly from a five-gallon bucket, which ensures that you can finish the job in a single go if necessary. It efficient as you don’t have to stop and refill the cup every few minutes. Another fantastic feature about this kind of system is that you can fill the container with soapy water and get the cleaning done in minutes.

Compared to other similar models, this machine is built to last. First, it can work with up to 300 gallons per year, which is far above anything like it. Secondly, you can replace the fluid section, which allows you to keep the sprayer in mint condition without having to buy a new machine when it breaks down. Finally, it comes with a outstanding two-year warranty.

Main Features

  • Reduces overspray by up to 55%
  • Easy to transport and manoeuvre
  • Paint directly from a one or five-gallon paint bucket
  • Fast priming for efficient operation
  • No need to thin paint
  • The fluid section is replaceable
  • Can use up to 300 gallons per year

3). Graco Magnum 262805 X7 Cart Airless Paint Sprayer

If you liked power and performance in one, then go for Magnum X5, but if you want the versatility to work indoors as well as outside, then you need to upgrade to the X7 instead. This model contains the same kind of motor, but it has more adjustable pressure settings so you can tackle a wider variety of projects with ease.

The unique feature of the X7 is that it comes with a hand truck to move it around. Also, makes the machine much more convenient than the bulky and heavy X5, all thanks to the robust wheels and balanced construction. What makes it even better,  the support feet can hold your paint bucket (five gallons only), allowing you to carry everything with you whenever you need to change positions.

When it comes to cleaning , you don't need to worry because, Graco always makes it effort-less . Firstly, you can flush out the paint with the garden hose adapter, saving you time and hassle. Secondly, you can reverse the tip to help prevent clogs - so you don’t even have to thin your paints before painting. Finally, you can paint from the bucket directly, not to mention, saving you time and effort on your next project.

Main Features

  • Durable stainless steel pump
  • A self-standing car with wheels
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor projects
  • Draws from one and five-gallon paint buckets
  • PowerFlush Adapter for easy cleaning
  • Supports up to 100 feet of hose
  • Reversible tip to prevent clogs
  • Feet hold the paint bucket in place

4). Wagner 0529031 MotoCoat Complete Car & Truck Paint Sprayer

This unit from Wagner is considered for automotive painting, which makes it the perfect addition to any workshop or garage. Even though It's designed primarily for automotive needs, you can easily use it to paint other projects too. However, if you’re particularly looking for an automotive sprayer, this is an most favorable choice.

What makes this machine so versatile and reliable, that it’s a high volume low-pressure (HVLP) sprayer. to It assured that you get an even coating without much overspray, and it gives you better control over your results.

The motorcoach is even more exclusive because it has two distinct nozzle tips. The first is designed for your base coat - it atomizes the paint evenly and distributes it without leaving unfinished areas. For detail work or second coatings, the unit has a smaller, more precise nozzle. Both nozzles are removable and easy to clean, making it even and more convenient.

One issue that can be noticed with most paint sprayers is that you can’t work on every side of your car in a single pass. Luckily, the motorcoach has 39 feet of flexible hose, which is long enough to reach around any car or truck. Best of all, you won't lose power or performance in the process, so feel free to use every inch of the hose as required.

The only limitation of this machine is the size of the paint cup. Because it’s a high volume sprayer, you will be refilling the cups frequently, which can be kind of a hassle. However, they are large enough to get the job done relatively fast, so you don’t have to be bothered about uneven drying and discolouration.

Main Features

  • Durable ABS plastic construction
  • Comes with two nozzles for base coat and detail work
  • Large paint cups for convenience
  • HVLP model delivers faster results
  • Extra long 39-foot flex hoseSpray nozzles detach for easier cleaning
  • Designed for automotive painting
  • Compact and lightweight motor
  • Carrying handle for easy transportation

5). Graco Magnum 257025 Project Painter Plus Paint Sprayer

Graco is one of the most trusted brands in the industry of commercial paint sprayers. In this is we have the Project Painter Plus Sprayer, which is a more compact and lightweight unit. It’s great for both indoor and outdoor projects, making it a perfect accessory for renovating businesses or homes.

What makes this machine so efficient? It can paint right from the bucket directly. Rather than refilling a paint cup every so often, you can connect the hose to a five-gallon bucket and work uninterrupted.

Cleaning is also a puff of air with the Project Painter Plus as it comes with Graco’s signature PowerFlush adapter. This feature allows you to hook up to a garden hose and flush all of the paint out in minutes. This feature allows you to never leave a dirty sprayer lying around and also you can switch between different colours quickly.

One key feature of this sprayer is the onboard storage. With commercial models, you have to find a way to carry everything with you, but this one has compartments in its feet for your convenience. carrying it to your next paint job is simple and efficient. It even has a comfortable handle so that you can move it around without any problems.

Main Features

  • Powerful airless motor
  • Onboard storage for all components
  • Power Flush adapter makes cleaning easy
  • Onboard storage for all components
  • Reversible nozzle to remove clogs (to find out how to unclog a paint sprayer, read more here)
  • Paint directly from up to a five-gallon paint bucket
  • Compact and lightweight design

What makes paint sprayer the best machine?

Here are some essential elements you need to know when choosing the best spraying machine for pros.


One essential feature to look for when selecting the right model is how it operates. There are three prime options for commercial paint sprayers. Here is a concise outline of each one.

HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure)

Overall, these machines are ideal when you want to make sure that your paint spreads evenly. Also, you don’t need much power to get the same results, making them lighter and more compact. However, since you’re going through a huge painting project, you won’t have to refill too often. Otherwise, it could be more problematic than it’s worth. HVLP sprayers can be more costly, depending on the brand and the size of the model.


Most commercial paint sprayers are airless, and they come with their own compressor system. Moreover, airless models can deliver higher pressures, which is great if you don’t want to be concerned about thinning your paints beforehand. Since their motors are larger, you do have to think about size, weight, and noise levels when picking out the right machine.


Finally, if you own an air compressor already, it might be easier and more cost-effective too, only to buy a gun and a hose. If you don’t have a compressor already, then it’s better to get an airless or HVLP system.

Paint Cup vs. Hose

This is another significant feature, and the right option will depend on the kind of work you need to do. If you’re painting huge surface areas, then you don’t want to mess around while refilling paint cups. You will have to refill too often to make it a difficult option.

Instead, you may want to find a commercial paint sprayer that allows you to paint directly from the can. This will enable you to work longer and faster since you don’t have to stop too quickly.

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