Titan ControlMax 1700 Pro 580006 Review

Yeah you can do that … 

Hold a brush in one hand and a bucket full of pain in the other hand and I bet that you’d finally finish painting whatever it is that you want to paint … I mean one day. 

But in case time (and physical exhaustion) are the things that you care about, you can always buy a paint sprayer machine. 

They make this job super easy and super fan – most importantly, super quick. 

Doesn’t matter whether you wanna paint a car or the walls of your house, you can do that in a much much much easier and faster way. 

Titan ControlMax 1700 Pro 5800006 

Titan’s ControlMax 1700 Pro 580006 is one of the few high-quality paint sprayer machines that are highly portable too. 

Titan ControlMax 1700 Pro 580006 Review

This is a review of this paint sprayer and you’d get to know about its most important features, pros and cons etc. 

Other than review, there are the FAQs and answers to the FAQs as well as a small guide on how this paint sprayer should be used. 


Before I explain each and every feature of this product and dissect it for the pros and cons detail, let me tell you something about my review criteria. 

I review products based on personal testing, expert opinion and definitely based on the reviews given by the verified customers of a particular products. 

With no further ado … here’s the review for you. 

What Makes Titan ControlMax 1700Pro 5800006 Better? 

So, there are many other paint sprayers in the market – what makes ControlMax different from others? Not necessarily better, but at least different! Well, to start with, this is not just a paint sprayer, but the whole shebang: you get a pain sprayer on a frame with two big wheels that makes it super easy and quick to move this thing from one to another side or place. 


  • Airless Paint Sprayer – So, the first thing that you need to know about this paint sprayer is that it is an airless paint sprayer. And what’s so good about an airless paint sprayer? Well, while paint people can still use it as their everyday professional equipment, this machine was basically made keeping in mind those who aren’t into painting walls and stuff for a living and who want a quicker and easier paint sprayer. Airless paint sprayer is a much better option because it is 4 times faster when compared with other options, it makes paint spraying super easy and you enjoy an even coat.
  • Highly Efficient – Speaking of how the airless technology works, I must mention its name. This pain sprayer is based on High Efficiency Airless (HEA) technology. Why this technology is so successful? Well, it is because this technology saves 55% overspray when compared with other airless sprayers. And then there are other benefits too for example you enjoy a consistent and smooth spray, you enjoy an easier spraying experience when compared with other airless sprayers and paint tools, and you can pick between wide range of water and oil-based sprays.
  • Big Capacity Paint Sprayer – The strongest point of this paint sprayer is its capacity – in terms of storage capacity as well as pressure it can manage and the area it can cover. To start with, this sprayer’s maximum achievable pressure is 1500 PSI (psi is index to measure air pressure). So how powerful is this paint sprayer? Well, let us put it this way – with 28 to 40 PSI, you can spray any object in any setting – 1500 is simply unbeatable. So this was about pressure, let us talk about how many gallons you can do with this thing in a year. With this airless sprayer, you can spray 300 gallons of paint per year. To put things in perspective, do consider the fact that a double-story house (2,500 sq. ft.) usually takes only 25 gallons. This machine comes with a 50 ft. hose that can be extended up to 100 ft. if needed. The all metal gun is going to stay with you for a very long time.
  • Variable Speed Pump – The best thing about the speed pump is that you do not need to use the maximum speed all the time. This is a variable speed pump (because every paintjob is not the same – a house is not the same as a car). Motor is of 0.60 horsepower (which is again more than enough), and the max you can do with this machine is spray unthinned paint at 0.33 gallons per minute, but that’s only for the time when you need maximum productivity. You can reduce the speed for a complicated job.
  • Highly Portable – The cherry on the top and what makes this paint sprayer better than most of the other machines is that it comes with a cart. It’s a sort of wheelbarrow cart with two big solid rubber tires. You can move this thing from one corner to another and from one place to another with ease and style.
  • Softer Spray – What do you love when you’re done painting a wall or any other object? You want a consistent, soft and smooth paint and this is what you easily achieve with this machine because of minimum possible overspray and consistent spraying.
  • Replaceable Fluid Section – In case you think that the paint storage capacity is not enough and you’d finish all the paint before every the project is done, you should know that with a replaceable fluid section you can almost double the spraying life/capacity.


  • Sprayer on Wheels 
  • Big Capacity 
  • Big Spraying Capacity 
  • 55% Less Overspray 


  • Troubleshooting Needed for Initial Priming
  • Low Viscosity Paint 

How to Use ControlMax 

Yes, the technical “how to” about this impressive paint sprayer from Titan. 

Well, I won’t lie to you, this thing is technical and does not come fully assembled. 

You have to assemble small parts and then learn how to use it.  

Here is how this should be done: 

  1. Attach the box covers on top of sprayer. 
  2. Attach handle with the two bars that are connected with the base. 
  3. Secure side suction and return tube onto the respective hoses with the clamps that come with the package. 
  4. Now hold the hose and thread that to the fluid outlet. Then use a wrench to tighten that. 
  5. Now get the gun and thread/spin it on the hose and then again use wrench to tighten it. 

This was about assembly – see how simple it was. Here’s how you should go about spraying. 

  1. Take a look at the bottom and depress the SureFlo pusher valve to free the inlet ball. Now put the suction tube inside the 1 – 5 gallon paint container. 
  2. On the bottom you should be able to see the prime/spray valve – move it to prime position. 
  3. Take a look at the front control panel and turn the pressure knob to 2. Let the pump run until you see that the paint comes out from return tube. 
  4. Now turn the pressure knob to 0, remove the tip guard on the sprayer, point the gun into waste bucket or soil and turn the knob back to 2. Also, turn the prime/spray button to spray. 
  5. Press the trigger and maintain the pressure until you see paint flowing through the sprayer. 
  6. Now you need to thread the spray tip onto the gun and rotate it forward. Now turn the knob to 5 and you’re ready. Test the spray on some useless object before you spray a wall or anything that the spray is for. 


Here are the most frequently asked questions and their answers. 

Does this work on a transformer? 

It is not recommended by the manufacturers to use this machine on transformers, even if the transformer is the same voltage that they recommend. It is better to follow the user manual. 

Can I run this off a gas generator? 

This depends on what kind of gas generator do you have. The user manual suggests that this sprayer can only be used with a 5000W rated generator that has a rough running load capacity of 8amps. 

Would this spray a sand texture paint? 

No, this is not possible. The only thing that you can mix with paint is either oil or water. Sand or anything similar to sand will clog the spray tip and render the whole thing useless. 

Can you stain with this? 

Yes, you can stain if certain conditions are met. Read the user manual because conditions are not all the same for all variants (19 for example). In most of the cases you can stain after cleaning the rig with water and in case the tip size is good for staining. 

Can this be used for outdoor oil-based stain? 

1700 Pro can definitely spray outdoor stains as long as you follow the process that I’ve mentioned in the answer to the previous question. 

Does it have a piston? 

Yes, all of ControlMax sprayers have pistons. 

What’s the power required for this setup? 

110v. Anything less than this or more than this is not recommended by the manufacturers. 

What’s the weight of this thing? 

The weight of this item is 37lbs and the dimensions are 50” x 17” x 32”. 

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