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How to Remove Spray Paint From Metal, Plastic, or any surface

Spray Painting is an amazing art, you can easily use spray paint for everything like making decor out of recycled household items to giving your old dressers a stylish new look without dirtying a paintbrush.  Overspray is a common problem with spray paint, If you have painted an unwanted area on your valuable possession, there […]

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How to Spray paints Off Hands, Nails & Skin

hands paint

We all agree to the fact that though spray paint has indeed made your life much comfortable, at the same point, it has also made it a lot messier. It is very tough to work with spray paint and avoid getting that on some of your body parts. Paint not only just make you hand […]

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How to use a Paint Sprayer with Air Compressor

Air compressor

Painting any of your valuable objects might seems to be a difficult process if you only use a paint roller in your painting process. Rollers can’t just give you good coverage as compared to a paint sprayer and takes ample time but also leaves some marks on your walls which might not give it a […]

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How To Clean a Paint Sprayer (The Complete Guide)

How To Use An HVLP Paint Sprayer

Undoubtedly a paint sprayer can turn a two-day DIY task into a two-hour painting task, but it does not make this a perfect painting tool. A sprayer can be quite a hassle when it comes to cleaning and even harder to maintain because of its complexity. Paint sprayers are amazing pieces of equipment, but they […]

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Can You Use Acrylic Paint on Metal?

Acrylic Paints are fast-drying paints which are made of pigment suspended in acrylic polymer emulsion. These paints are water-soluble but at the same time acts as a water-resistant when it is completely dried. Acrylic Paints might resemble watercolors or oil painting but have completely unique features that are difficult to get from other media. Acrylic Paints […]

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Paint Sprayer Vs. Paint Brush: When to use which one?

Painting your home furniture and walls allow you to give them a new life, which is definitely less expensive than buying new furniture. When you have finally decided that then choosing the best equipment is probably the first important step for any DIYer when he proceeds towards any painting process. The matter of fact is […]

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Should You Rent or Buy a Paint Sprayer? (2020 Guide)

Knowing How to Use Your HVLP Sprayer

There are generally two ways of having painting work done. Some can use the traditional way that needs them to move a roller or paintbrush repeatedly. The thing is, we do not recommend this method because it is quite time-consuming and not useful. It takes you ages to finish a small area, and the painted […]

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5 Ideas For Two-color Combination For Bedroom Walls

Have you ever planned to give your bedroom a lively and contemporary look but super confused in selecting the perfect color combination?   The colour combination plays a significant role in transporting us to a different mood so you must be very particular about selecting colours as your bedroom should not just only a place to sleep. Your […]

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The 5 Steps Guide to Spray Painting a Fence

White fence

An edible looking garden will enhance the beauty of your home. The task of painting a fence is relatively easy than other DIY experiences. To keep your wall good looking and protect it with some external containments you need to repaint it once in a year.   For many people, having a perfect colored fence is […]

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How Much Time The Spray Paint Takes To Get Dry

Spray paint is an excellent way to give your furniture a brand-new look. It is commonly used to restore the appearance of old machines, appliances, or furniture that have lost their shine. The use of spray paint is also great as it is cost-effective to fix something rather than replacing it entirely. However, if you […]

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