12 Best HVLP Spray Guns Reviews

If your next art assignment requires you to paint a relatively large area and don't want to complete tools like a paintbrush or a roller manually, then HVLP paint spray guns can make your life easy. 

HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) sprayers work by displacing a high volume of your color at a low pressure, which reduces atomization. Hence, you can easily avoid over spraying or wastage of your paint; you would not have to spend on long cleaning again and again.

HVLP sprayers are efficient and can save you a great deal of time, especially when you have a more significant task waiting for you.  There is less paint in the air due to "less over-spraying features", making it completely safe for its customers. Quality finish with reasonable price is indeed an add-on feature of this excellent spray gun.

Getting the right HVLP spray guns is not at all easy, particularly for those who intend to use it for the first time. Have a detailed look at this guide and get rid of any sort of post-purchase dissonance that might bother you.



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1) Neiko 31215A Spray Gun

2) Fuji Semi-PRO 2 HVLP Paint Sprayer

3) Earlex HV5500 HVLP Paint Sprayer

4) HomeRight C800766 Spray Gun

Out of stock, Last checked 15 OCT, 2020

5) Wagner Spraytech 0417005

6) Wagner Flexio 890 Spray Gun

7) Graco-Sharpe FX3000 HVLP spray gun

8) Devilbiss 803558 Spray Gun

Out of stock, Last checked 30 July, 2020

9) Fuji 2203G Spray Gun

10) Fuji 2904-T70

11) TCP Global G7000 Spray Gun

12) Wagner Spraytech 0529021

10 Best HVLP Spray Gun Reviews:

1) Neiko 31215A Spray Gun

The first spray gun in our list is from the brand Neiko. This is indeed the best option for tight budget options, as this is very affordable.

Though it is budget-friendly, it still has a solid one-piece stainless steel construction that is rust-resistant and very durable.

This HVLP sprayer has three knobs, which will control the spray pattern, regulate air pressure, and control the amount of paint coming in from its gravity feed cup. As an ordinary spray gun gets jammed up and stuck, this Neiko spray gun has been given a Gun Metal Nickel finish that provides it with a more extraordinary life and durability. 

This gun has been designed for professionals and as well as for DIY people. The gun has excellent quality make that can deliver the professional results which are intended. We have gone through the only downside that this sprayer does not come with a hose or a turbine.


  • Affordable
  • Great rust-resistant
  • comes with a multi-size wrench, an air gauge, and a cleaning brush as accessories


  • No hose
  • Does not have a turbine

2) Fuji Semi-PRO 2 HVLP Paint Sprayer

We have often heard that 'Don't judge the book by its cover. Similarly, please don't overlook this fantastic spray gin due to its traditional look, as this is one of the best HVLP sprayers available in the market.

One of its unique features includes an adjustable pattern fan control that enables you to have any form of creativity from a small circular spray to a broader one. Secondly, this spray gun does not have any dripping issues, and you would not have to worry about an unexpected and inconvenient mess.

Another amazing thing about this sprayer is its sturdy and robust build as this gun is made of metal and produces an even finish. Even though this sprayer weighs 26.1 pounds, it still comes with a handle on top and wheels for convenient portability. Its outstanding features cost a little more, but all of its features are worth the additional cost.


  • Strong and sturdy build
  • Non-bleed and minimal overspray for less cleaning
  • Adjustable fan pattern for versatility.


  • Metal is prone to corrosion
  • Hose may loosen after some time
  • Volume is often uncontrollable.

3) Earlex HV5500 HVLP Paint Sprayer Station

Next in our list is another excellent HVLP sprayer of Earlex. Its compact and lightweight design made it quite famous for the people looking for comfort and portability as this product only weighs 12 pounds, half the weight of many other HVLP paint sprayers on the market.

This unit has storage for the spray gun and a hose, cord, or a carry handle and comes with a double spray gun with a 2mm stainless steel tip.
This Earlex HV5500 can also be your choice as it offers a great deal of flexibility when working. Its spray pattern changing system is relatively quick and easy to use because it has a paint volume control dial and a control trigger.

The only problem we have gone through is its hose connectivity as there is a chance of tangling. It is considered the most solid HVLP spray gun that gives its customers a warranty of two years, and having everything close at hand makes this an incredibly convenient product. Lastly, it is worth investigating due to its quality offered for this price.


  • Portable due to the lightweight design.
  • Comes with a range of controls for when you have particular spraying requirements.
  • Gives two years of warranty.
  • Sufficient power for a variety of tasks.


  • Its hose is known to disconnect after some time and even become tangled

4) HomeRight C800766 Spray Gun

HomeRight C800766 Finish Max Review

Due to simple design and few parts, this sprayer gun is very easy to maintain, making this choice for beginners in DIY projects around the home. This spray gun takes no time to set up and can be used to spray a wide variety of paints.

This sprayer also gives a viscosity cup for measuring the paint's thickness, a durable, corrosion-resistant brass tip and nozzle, and a seal plus splash guard over the paint cup leaking.

Its 400-Watt turbine, which is mounted at the top, provides the power, and you get a control knob on the trigger to control the output, which suits your required paint coat. 

The most impressive thing is its user can get a horizontal and vertical or round spray with its adjustable air cap. As this product is very bulky, it will hinder your tight spots, which needs to be covered; on the other hand, its weight (only 2.76 pounds) makes it easy to carry anywhere you want.


  • Simplified design
  • Contains few parts so easy to maintain its cleanliness
  • Flexible air cap for horizontal, vertical, or round-shaped spray
  • Effective corrosion-resistant brass tip and nozzle


  • Bulky design

5) Wagner Spraytech 0417005 

This is another adjustable HVLP paint spray gun. This Wagner spray gun is built as versatile as it can be with its adjustable design as it comes with a material flow adjustment knob on the trigger to increase or decrease the paint output. Amazingly this product provides you the range to spray a small 0.5-inch to a complete 6-inch pattern.

According to your project, this sprayer's air cap is rotatable, which will give you spray shape to horizontal, vertical, or round.

This painting tool is also equipped with lock-n-go technology for easy setup and a control finish nozzle that is perfect for light particle paints such as varnish to deliver a smooth finish. Its turbine is attached to the gun easy to clean as compared to other spray guns.

The only downside is its bulkiness due to its mounted turbine, making it a little tricky to reach the tight spots.


  • Large 1-quart paint cup
  • Easy to clean
  • Lock-n-go technology for easy setup


  • Attached turbine makes it very bulky

6) Wagner Flexio 890 HVLP Paint-Sprayer

Dont get confused by seeing another product from Wagner as Wagner is known as making some great painting tools and has a big name in this world, and like the previous product, this Wagner Flexio 890 is also worth considering.

This spray gun is very portable due to its handle and perfect weight ( 12.3 pounds), which is a perfect balance between being too flimsy or too heavy. It will give you a decent supply of power and will let you complete a wall of 8 x 10 feet in approximately five minutes.

With Wagner Flexio, you will get two nozzles that will enable you to spray with sufficient detail or for general coverage. It is considered a reasonably sturdy unit despite its plastic construction. This product comes with an exact manual with proper instructions for its first-time users, making it easy to use. However, the downside includes little overspray, which will require much cleaning, and also, its nozzle will need to be maintained regularly to avoid clogging for smooth use.


  • Space-saving because of the integrated storage
  • Easy to use due to its manual
  • Not too heavy but still sturdy
  • Several colors for camouflage.


  • Overspray and cleaning might irritate you
  • Nozzle requires regular maintenance

7) Graco-Sharpe FX3000

If you are finding an HVLP sprayer that can give you comprehensive coverage, Graco-Sharpe is the best option. It has a huge pattern size that extends up to 12.5 inches, ensuring you complete your project much faster and without any hassle.

This product is also lightweight (1.11 pounds), making it easy for you to handle with little or no fatigue.
We have gone through the only downside because it contains no turbine, so you will need to have an external compressor to run the gun, but with other great features like a 1mm nozzle and a wrench and a brush for easy maintenance, this is still an ideal option.


  • Wrench and cleaning brush
  • Large 12.5-inch pattern size
  • Easy portability


  • No Turbine

8) Devilbiss 803558 

This HVLP spray gun is also unique as it contains high-grade stainless steel parts that are quite solid and are anodized for easy cleaning. The reason for its popularity is its enhanced atomization technology, which gives excellent paint output.

This sprayer also includes a large paint cup of 900cc, air and paint flow adjusting valves for outstanding control, and an air gauge to ensure you get the required 23 PSI.
We have gone through the only flaw in the absence of the turbine, which means you have to get an external air compressor to power the gun.


  • Strong stainless steel parts
  • Large 900cc paint cup
  • Enhanced atomization with precision-machined


  • does not include turbine

9) Fuji 2203G Spray Gun

This sprayer is known as a non-bleed HVLP paint sprayer that helps to prevent solvent flashing. This flashing can be an issue, especially when you need more time for coating.

This Fuji spray gun is fitted with a 1.3mm air cap and an adjustable pattern fan control, which gives you easy access.

This spray gun also includes a handle on its turbine for easy portability and stainless-steel fluid passages, making it perfect for both water and solvent-based coatings while preventing needle tip wear. However, the cup's size can only hold up to 400cc paint cups, which means you might need frequent refilling.
- Includes a 2-stage, 5 PSI turbine, and a long 25-foot hose
- The non-bleed design prevents solvent flashing
- Rear-placed adjustable fan control for changing the spray pattern
- Size of the cup is not appropriate


  • Includes a 2-stage, 5 PSI turbine, and a long 25-foot hose
  • The non-bleed design prevents solvent flashing
  • Rear-placed adjustable fan control for changing the spray pattern


  • Size of the cup is not appropriate

10) Fuji 2904-T70 

Though this is an expensive spray gun, it is still in the list of best HVLP sprayers. This is because this Fuji 2904-T70 is a professional unit with a powerful 4-stage turbine that generates up to 9 PSI of pressure. This feature ensures less thinning of paints and is perfect for spraying all types of coats.

This sprayer is also non-bleed, which means you have enough control over the paint flow and prevent solvent flashing. With all these superb features, its price can be overlooked.


  • Powerful 4-stage turbine
  • No overflow
  • Can prevent solvent flashing
  • Large 1-quart paint cup


  • Expensive

11) TCP Global G7000 Spray Gun

Though this HVLP spray gun does not come with a turbine, TCP Global's G7000 is sold as a 9-piece set that includes three guns, a cleaning kit, a locking air pressure regulator, and a moisture filter.
Every gun is equipped with control knobs, air pressure, and spray pattern adjustment to give the high-quality finish, which is intended.


  • 9-piece set with three guns, 3 cups, a cleaning kit, filter, and gauge
  • Large 1000cc cups
  • Spray pattern adjustment


  • No turbine

12) Wagner Spraytech 0529021 

Lastly, we have Wagner Spraytech's 0529021, with its sizeable 1.5-quart paint cup that ensures minimal refills as you work along with your projects. It can cover a 10 x 12-foot wall when completely filled.

You would also get two nozzles, one for larger spraying jobs while the other is detailed finishing. These feature knobs for fluid and airflow control and spray pattern adjustment for horizontal, vertical, and round shapes.


  • Large 1420cc cup
  • Includes a turbine and two nozzles
  • Air, fluid, and spray pattern adjustment for controlled spraying


  • Length of the hose is relatively short
  • Does not include a cleaning kit.

Buying Guide:

Now even though when you have the list of best options for HVLP sprayers, you might still be wondering what to look precisely as there is a possibility that you might be more confused.
This part will highlight some essential and considerable features of these spray guns, which affect your entire painting experience.

These features will also help you select the spray gun of your need and requirement as some of the spray guns might have an outstanding feature but can be useless for you. So, it is also essential to buy a product, keeping in mind your budget the requirement of your task.
So, let’s get started and solve your problem!

  1. The Atomization: When you are in the market executing your HVLP due diligence, you might have observed two types of atomization available: Hydraulic atomization and Air-assisted atomization. It is vital to know which should be your choice. Many DIYers prefer Hydraulic atomization due to its adjustability nature, as this has a range of 500 to 5000 psi. While on the other side with an air-assisted product, you can also break down much more sticky fluids, and the nozzles also tend to be a bit greater, so you can expect fewer clogs during the use.
  2. The Tip Material: This is yet again an important feature to consider when you are buying an HVLP spray gun. You must have noticed most of the HVLP spray guns have tips made of plastic, which is indeed a fine material, but if you don't want to compromise on your sprayer's quality, you have to select the sprayer that has tips made of brass.  Brass tends to be more durable and reliable, and more of that, they are straightforward to remove. Using this tip will allow you to replace the tip of your need for your next project. There are also stainless-steel liquefied passages and tips on some products, but brass just seems to have a slight edge in reliability. 
  3. Weight: It is very convenient to find a spray gun that is all over the weight spectrum. Weight is an essential aspect if you want to complete your painting assignment without any sore hands. After all research, we have deduced that the spray guns weighing less than 15 pounds are handy and easy to use and help avoid fatigue. There might be the products above 26 pounds and might also be feature-rich, but it would still be challenging to use that product quickly. No doubt, a more lightweight unit will have a lower capacity, so looking a nice medium-weighted spray gun might be a good idea.
  4. Adjustability in the Spray Pattern: This feature is again connected with the tip of the sprayer; thus, it is also crucial to look into it. Try to get the spray gun that allows you to adjust the spray output limits because this delivers an overall more adaptable experience. This will grant more control during your painting and will guarantee a higher quality finish due to creativity.


Will HVLP Spray Guns work with my Coating?

The perfect way to know if the HVLP spray gun works with your Coating is to check and consult your Coating Technical Datasheet. This sheet will let you know if HVLP is the recommended application method in your case or not.

Should I lubricate my HVLP Spray Gun?

Yes. Frequent lubrication is recommended for this HVLP spray gun. One has to make sure that an appropriate lubricant advised as non-petroleum and non-silicone based.

How big of an Air Compressor will I need?

Typically, one is needed at least 8 CFM for the minimum consuming air volume HVLP spray gun. We will recommend you at least 30 CMF to avoid issues with the sprayer of not atomization properly or changes in the fan pattern. 

Which guns can spray water-based paints?

As water-based tend to cause more corrosion than any oil-based paints, so guns for these water-based paints are either of stainless steel internally or have layers to resist corrosion.

Why do I get “Orange Peel” when spraying HVLP?

Generally, an 'Orange Peel' results when the paint on the surface starts to dry before the paint, which is beneath that. The reasons for that can be a thick layer, the viscosity of the paint, or painting too close to the painted surface.

Final Thoughts

When you are buying a spray gun, you must observe numerous products that suit your needs. Either you are a casual DIYer or professional painter, and you will find an HVLP sprayer of all sorts of price points to suit you.

The exciting thing is that the technology around the these spray guns has progressed over these years, but despite that, these sprayers' prices have continued to fall, hence becoming more competitive.

In a nutshell, this sprayer type results in a high paint material transfer efficiency, low emissions, and economical usage due to reduced wastage and precise spraying for better outcomes on your panels.
Go through the reviews once again, and you will undoubtedly find the best HVLP spray gun of your necessity.

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