Top 5 Latex Paint Sprayer

If you’re trying to find a simple and efficient way to paint any part of your house, then a sprayer is by far the best way to go. Rather than dealing with roller brushes and a sore arm, you can get the whole thing done in a fraction of the time.

Latex paint sprayers are used for latest paint, Anyone who is trying to save time, or those who want to start painting more often, will benefit from latex paint sprayers. I highly recommend airless sprayers for bigger jobs, but if you’re just trying to paint furniture or arts and crafts projects, an HVLP unit is better. I like them because they are more trustworthy and have a better finish than airless sprayers.

What Type Of Sprayer Is Best For Latex Paint?

Airless or HVLP: Since it is a water-based paint, I would greatly recommend using an airless or an HVLP model sprayer to get the job done. A compressed air unit can work, but they are considerably more powerful, so they’re better for thicker paints, such as oil or acrylic. Thankfully, latex sprayer is easy to clean since all you have to do is rinse the internal components, so feel free to use any size you want, depending on your needs.

Use 4-5 Stage Turbine: The viscosity (thickness) of latex paint makes it difficult for spray guns to fully atomize the paint, in other words, that it's difficult with a lower pressure turbine unit to split the material up into small enough particles to get an ultra-smooth surface. It is necessary that you use a good 4 or 5-stage turbine simply for the added pressure and power. Another important thing is to use a larger needle/nozzle. A 1.8mm or larger works great.

Use a pressurized cup: The pressurized cup helps the paint to be pushed to the fluid nozzle because of the extra pressure behind the paint. If you look at utmost professional airless paint sprayers designed for latex paint, they are in fact pumps and use no air. Those systems power the fluid thru a small tip which splits up the paint, and you can obtain a better result.

Is Latex Paint safe In A Spray Gun?

When comparing the different types of paint, I would recommend that latex paint sprayer is one of the best options for paint sprayers over-all. This is because it’s thinner than other varieties, and it makes the cleanup process so much more streamlined.

For example, if you sprayed oil-based paint by using one of these machines, it would take forever to clean it out. Since you can’t run water through it, you have to either rely on elbow grease or some other type of solvent to get all of the paint out. In the end, it will probably be more suffering than it’s worth.




1). Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand 

5 Best Paint Sprayers for Kitchen Cabinets (2020 Edition)

2). Wagner Spraytech 0529010 FLEXiO 590

Only 5 in Stock!

3). Graco 17M367 UltraMax 360

Top 5 Latex Paint Sprayer in 2020

4). Home

Right Finish Max C800766

5). Astro 4008 Spray Gun with Cup

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11 july, 2020

5 Best Latex Paint Sprayers:

1). Graco Magnum 262800X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer

5 Best Paint Sprayers for Kitchen Cabinets (2020 Edition)

The Graco Magnum 262805 X5, will give you the ability to control pressure. This model’s piston pump is moreover stainless steel, which ensures that the sprayer is durable. So capable to withstand high air pressure. No need to attach any external source to hold the paint while spraying. It can directly spray from the paint bucket with this option, saving your time that would’ve been wasted to install a paint holder. The X5comes with a hose of 75 feet. You can easily paint up to a two-storied house with this one, but it would be a bit difficult for you to paint a three-storied house.

It is recommended that use this with a maximum of 125 gallons of paint annually. If it is used more than this limit, the sprayer is likely to depreciate sooner than you expect With the bonus feature, you will also be able to connect this sprayer to a garden hose for garden paintings. The powerful flash adapter to help you with this purpose. Lastly, the X5 is, of course, cheaper than the other comparative models. You can definitely buy this one if you’re on a tight budget or don’t need high-distance spraying.

Highlighted Features

  • RAC IV Switch Tip which is RAC IV technology.
  • Can support 75 feet of paint hose.
  • Ability to use 125 gallons of paint each year.
  • Stainless steel piston pump.
  • Adjustable pressure.

2). Wagner Spraytech 0529010 FLEXiO 590

If you want a sprayer which is suitable for interior walls, exterior surfaces, and fine finishing, the best option is the FLEXiO 590 Sprayer because it can give smooth finishing to both interior and exterior surfaces of the wall.

This sprayer is not only limited to latex paint. You can use this sprayer with oil-based paints as well! This sprayer can even support stains and urethane. For a person who needs all types of paints for a job, this sprayer fits the best.

While painting, you have certainly faced the problem of not being able to spray in narrow spaces. This typically happens because of the nozzle of your sprayer, but this latex paint spray gun is exclusive for a reason. You can modify its nozzle both vertically and horizontally. So painting a narrow pattern won’t be tricky for you anymore. There is also a ring for changing the pattern of the spray. You can create vertical and horizontal patterns.

Highlighted Features

  • Includes two nozzles and cups.
  • Appropriate for both interior and exterior wall surface.
  • There are iSpray nozzle and detailed finishing nozzle.
  • Comes with a split gun with a lock-N-go design.

3). Graco 17M367 UltraMax 360 Paint Sprayer

Top 5 Latex Paint Sprayer in 2020

While spraying, one main problem you will face is the clogging of the tip of the sprayer. To help you escape this situation, Graco has conveyed you the Graco 16Y385 paint sprayer. Its spray tip is reversible, which will assist you to keep spraying even if the tip of the sprayer gets clogged.

High air pressure may damage the piston pump of the sprayer if the pump is not tough enough to withstand the pressure. But in this model, you will get a piston pump made of stainless steel. This strong material will prevent damage due to high air pressure.

To spray in any direction you need to have an airtight system. If the system is not sealed, the paints will spread. This model features a VacuValve technology that makes the system highly airtight. By using this sprayer, you can paint in any direction speedily. As a substitute for a traditional cup paint holder, this sprayer uses FlexLiner bags that can be reused multiple times. If you don’t want to reuse the container,  you can recycle it.

Highlighted Features

  • FlexLiner cup system material intake.
  • The total capacity of 32 oz.
  • Fixed speed control.
  • 2000 psi.
  • Supports maximum 0.015 Inch tip

4). HomeRight Finish Max C800766, C900076 Paint Sprayer

If you are a little short on your budget, I recommend you take the HomeRight Finish Max. This option provides the most bang for your buck.

This model is an HVLP sprayer, in other words, it needs a low pressure but provides higher volume. This saves a lot of suffering for you as you don’t need a high-pressure compressor to run it.

But unfortunately, this sprayer cannot do any heavy-duty painting, but, for small-scale projects, this works like a beast. For crafting and working on small furniture, this sprayer is very efficient.

This sprayer is composed of plastic, so it is not as durable as a metal one. But if you treat it carefully, it will last for years. However, the needle is made of brass, which is quite durable.

The advantage of having a plastic body is that it will feel very lightweight to hold compared to a more substantial metal sprayer. You can use it for a long time without aching your wrists.

Lastly, you can adjust the speed control of this sprayer. Also, you can spray in vertical, horizontal, and circular patterns.

Highlighted Features

  • 400 watts of power needed.
  • 27 oz. Capacity.
  • Brass spray tip.
  • Ability to sprays thin materials like the stain, varnish, and even water.
  • Good for small projects.

5). Astro 4008 Spray Gun with Cup

The Astro 4008 spray gun is a latex spray gun, designed especially for carpenters or woodworkers in mind. This sprayer gives stunning finishing touches to wooden objects.

This sprayer consists of a metal jar and metal gun, but it still is very lightweight for easy to handle. For small paint jobs, this is the impeccable sprayer. Further, then saving you extra weight, it also has a small radius while painting. It has a small sprayer with a nozzle that can produce tiny paint jets. These types of sprays are beneficial for painting smaller areas without spoiling the surroundings.

Typically, this spray gun assistances you to paint medium to small surfaces. For example, cabinets, walls, doors, furniture, ceilings, and small aesthetic woodworks can be painted perfectly with the help of this sprayer.

And finally, this sprayer necessities a very small compressor to operate. With such lesser air regulation, you will be able to carry out a considerable amount of painting projects using this sprayer.

Highlighted Features

  • Runs with an air compressor.
  • Gives 90 psi of maximum pressure.
  • Includes a metal spray gun and Metal jar.
  • Fits with a standard 16 oz. Mason jar.
  • Needs at least 3/4 horsepower of the compressor.

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