Best Gold Spray Paints Reviews

This is indeed frustrating and irritating when you are confused with numerous options for the same product and fails to figure out what might be best for you. We just look at the cap of the paint can and decides to stores that. However, when we went home and tried, it’s entirely different, and we are left with nothing but regrets.

I completely understand that as we all have been there!. Shopping for spray paints can be a hopeless task. The lid colors and color swatches are not enough to get a feel and analyze what the actual spray paint would turn into.

For that reason, we have assembled the list of some best gold spray paints, which will let you find a gold spray color that will meet your needs, and make for an enjoyable, convenient, and budget-friendly experience, too. To have a deep dive into gold spray paints, we also have included a buyer’s guide from which will enable you to acquire a knowledge of everything you need to know before you buy.

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1). Krylon Metallic Gold Spray Paint

Best Gold Spray Paints Reviews

2). Design Master Rose Gold Spray-Paint

3). Krylon K05588007

4). Rust-Oleum Metallic Gold Spray Paint

Out of Stock, Last checked 30 SEP, 2020
5). Seymour HI-TECH Gold Spray Paints

6). Rust-Oleum 1910830

7). Design Master DM241

8). Dupli-Color DE1604

9). Valspar’s 85051 Twist Spray Paint

Out of stock, Last checked 30 SEP, 2020
10). PlastiKote Premium Metallic Gold Spray Paint

Out of stock, Last checked 20 SEP, 2020

Best Gold Spray Paints Reviews:

1. Krylon Metallic Gold Spray Paint

Best Gold Spray Paints Reviews

Our first pick is Krylon K09194000 COVERMAXX Metallic Gold spray paint. Krylon is well known for making great spray paints, and this product is one of them. This product works for many materials provides great coverage in just a single coat. It also takes only ten minutes to dry, and you don’t have to wait to use your painted object.

If you are using this on any metal surface so this could also act as a rust protector, which is indeed an added-on feature. The only downside we have is that it does not work for outdoors as this can not resist rain or high levels of humidity. People usually buy this spray paint thinking of shiny pop finish, which can be expected from gold spray paint, but it settles for a regal matte finish in reality. So keep this aspect in your mind before purchasing this spray paint.


  • Great rust protector
  • Have great coverage
  • Dries fast
  • Proves to be a great color


  • Provides matte finish instead of a shiny one

2. Design Master Rose Gold Spray-Paint

One of the main problems with gold spray paints is that you don’t get the required color, and you usually get far more orange rather than true rose gold, but this is not the case with Design Master Rose Gold Spray-Paint. It gives you the real gold color which you wanted to see on your object.

This spray paint formula is also quick-drying, so you can get your painting process done quickly and without spending too much time. It gives you a chip-resistant finish, an ideal option for the objects that will be handled from time to time.

The main problem that we have reviewed is that it can easily be subject to clogging, which might frustrate you while resolving. This problem is very uncommon and might occur frequently, but this is still the best option, for spray paint, for those looking for a rose gold spray paint.


  • Accurate gold color
  • Chip-resistant formula
  • Quick-drying


  • Some can might clog

3. Krylon K05588007

Our next pick is K05588007 from Krylon, as this is considered the best overall gold spray paint for numerous reasons. This product is quite versatile as this is designed to prevent rust, which works indoors and outdoors.

Krylon can be used on many materials such as metal, wood, plastic, paper, ceramic, plaster, paper mache, fabric, etc. The drying time is also very less, which means you don’t have to wait for days to proceed towards the second coat. Krylon’s can also be proved to be economical because spray bottle gives you a very wide coverage of 25 sq. Ft.

The amazing thing about this spray paint is you don’t have to use a primer to prepare the surface as this K05588007 works not just as paint but also as a primer. More features include a comfortable big button spray tip from which you can spray at any angle. You can also paint under shelves and drawers as this can paint even in upside direction.


  • ideal option to prevent rust
  • provides extensive coverage
  • works for a variety of materials
  • paint and primer at once


  • Relatively expensive than other spray paints

4. Rust-Oleum Metallic Gold Spray Paint

The Rust-Oleum 286564 spray paint is ideal for indoor and outdoor, and this feature is enough to make this product our choice for the best value. This spray paint has some metallic flakes, which you will not find easily in any gold spray paint on the market. that gives it a more brilliant, shiny color. This product from Rust-Oleum comes at a reasonable price, so if you are looking for a good gold color with a budget-friendly feature, this is a thing for you.

By looking at its name, it provides great protection against rust and other containments, which might be another reason why should any buyer will consider this amazing product. Its long-lasting coating is guaranteed by the chip-resistant feature, which means you won’t have to invest in spray paints again and again. The problem that we have observed in this product is that it is not that easy to apply as it does drip some so you might take in cleaning, which might put you off.


  • include metallic flakes
  • prevents rust
  • long-lasting
  • best for both indoor and outdoor use


  • dripping issue

5. Seymour HI-TECH Gold Spray Paints

This is another great option for the DIYers who are looking for a durable gold color. The Seymour En-50 Hi-Tech stands up the very high temperature and is designed to coat engine parts that have been scratched during the repairing process, making it relatively expensive to any other spray paints. This spray paint gives you a gold color that you look in an engine block, which is much dull than the color you probably want to get.

Consequently, it is better to use a primer before using this product and sometimes consider applying any sealants after you are done with this spray paint to have a great finish. It is, though, not a good product for those who do not like to wait between your coat of paint and then again wait to apply a sealant as this may take several minutes to dry completely. However, if you are looking for a spray that you have to use on some heated objects, this is certainly your thing.


  • heat resistance
  • best spray paint for the engine


  • slow drying process
  • works only with primer

6. Rust-Oleum 1910830

 Our next review is also about the product from Rust-Oleum. This Rust-Oleum’s 1910830 also contains some actual gold flakes, which will assure you a bright, shiny finish, which makes it ideal for decoration purposes.

It works best on metal, unglazed ceramic, wood, plaster, and masonry surfaces, thus proving itself a versatile spray paint. This product from Rust-Oleum gives a coverage up to 12 sq. ft with an 11 oz spray can. Though it dries in just 15 minutes, it is still recommended to recoat within an hour of the first application.

The issue that we see the consumers face is that it can not prevent rust properly, which restricts consumers from using this spray paint on any outdoor location. Apart from this, the spray paint which is surely worth a try.


  • suitable for a variety of surface
  • contains metal flakes
  • glossy and shiny finish


  • not an anti-rust product
  • not meant for outdoor

7.  Design Master DM241

This spray paint is considered as the Best Gold Spray Paint for Craft Projects. It gives you a metallic rose gold color perfect for craft projects such as pottery, ceramics, floral decorations, plaster, etc.

This spray paint is best to give your home a fresh look by decorating it with this gold color. This should also be your choice as this has quick covering and fast-drying properties against many surfaces like metal glass, and paper among many others, as it covers 16 sq.ft. per 11 oz. can with a single coat and dries in 5 minutes. This product is specially designed for indoor use as this does not prove to be a good rust protector but still is the best for indoor use.


  • great coverage
  • fashionable pink-gold color
  • the best option for a crafts project
  • can be used on a variety of surfaces


  • does not protect rust
  • only designed for indoor use

8. Dupli-Color DE1604

This spray paint of 12-ounce has a durable ceramic formulation that can stand against the high temperatures may be up to 500˚F which means you can easily use this on engine blocks and engine accessories, which creates thick coat over your engine’s surface. Protecting against oils and automotive fluids indeed made this a valuable product to try.

This spray paint might take 30 minutes to one hour to dry off completely. But once it is dried, it gives a perfect glossy finish that does not blister, crack, peel or flake, thus making it very durable.

You will also see EZ-touch conical nozzle, which helps you eliminate finger fatigue and make this relatively expensive than other spray paints.


  • produces a crackable glossy finish
  • EZ touch conical nozzle to reduce finger fatigue
  • Durable
  • resist high temperature


  • Quite expensive
  • it takes time to dry

9. Valspar’s 85051 Twist Spray Paint

This spray paint is ideal for bumpy surfaces as well. It will surely blow you up with its great and evenly coverage. The goldtone is a warmer gold, and it’s not a super shiny finish, which makes it superb for larger items you want to see as gold.

It gives you a twist lock cap, which will enable you to prevent accidental sprays, which is very important. It will also help you reach that tight and difficult spots as you can spray this from any angle. This 12-Ounce bottle also protects your objects from rust, thus making this an ideal option for outdoor use.


  • tough hard finish
  • protects against rust
  • twist enable cap
  • superb for outdoor use also


  • only suitable for business use
  • not budget-friendly

10. PlastiKote Premium Metallic Gold Spray Paint

Lastly, we have spray paint from Plastikote. This spray paint is quite versatile and proved to work on metal, wood, and even fiberglass. It gives a perfect metallic gold color without restricting you to use either indoor or outdoor, as this can easily resist humidity, rain, and direct sun exposure. This gives you a durable finish and will ensure it to be for a longer period. With its fast-drying time of just 30 minutes and good coverage, this spray is quite handy.

You might also have to apply an additional glossy top coat to get a lustrous finish which surely will increase the total cost of your project.


  • best for indoor and outdoor use
  • dries fast
  • can also resist UV rays


  • not shiny enough without extra topcoat
  • has some quality control issue
  • sometimes gives a flat finish

Buyer’s Guide

This part of the article will highlight some important key factors of these gold spray paints, which will enhance your painting experience ten times better.

  • Coverage: Always consider how well your spray paints cover the object. Most of the DIYers have frustrating experience as they have a spray paint that is runny or bubbles, or does not collaborate well with the material you need to paint. Spray paints are used to enhance your painting with fewer efforts, but if you don’t use your due intelligence, you have a different experience. Never go with the brands known for making the best spray paints. Instead, select the color that is completely compatible with the materials you need to paint.
  • Ease of use: There is some crappy can that gives out after just a few minutes of use, and surely you not wants a spray like this. Don’t go less price as when it breaks down, all of your investment will be lost. So it is always wise to pay some extra bucks on the better can to assure a working product. Also, remember that you can easily buy some additional nozzles which you can replace and can get rid of clogging issues.
  • Color: Manufacturers are somehow troubled by the metallic colors such as Gold silver, or chrome as many of them fail to produce accurate colors. In our daily life, we usually encounter these metallic colors to have a shiny effect. In contrast, some paint colors settle for a dull color output, which might make sense technically, and they don’t “pop” like we intuitively think it should. So select a color keeping these all concerns in your mind.


The Krylon K09194000 COVERMAXX Metallic Gold was our first among these ten gold spray paint due to its rust-protective feature and its great color.

The Design Master DM241 Rose Gold is also quite effective, but the only reason that we had that after Krylon because it has clogging issues. The rest of the spray paints are also of high quality, but they are considered the best.

We really hope that you find this article very effective and helpful, and now you are fully armed with all the features of gold spray paint, and finally, you should be able to find the spray that is right for you.

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