10 Best Fabric Spray Paints

Fabric spray paint gives you a creative and customizable artistic expression in crafting and in many art projects. It is not restricted only to your clothing and shoes. Still, many things can be turned into unique works of creativity like your furniture, home fabrics, outdoor items, and even vehicle seats.

This guide will help you find the best fabric color for your next craft project. We know that everyone wants to add a colorful design or custom lettering to their creativity, and this paint is effortless to use and fun way to exercise your innovation.



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1. Tulip 41438 Dimensional Fabric Spray Paint

2. Jacquard Lumiere Fabric Paint And Clothes

3. Tulip 3D Silk Paint Set For Fabric Spray Paint

4. Simply Spray Fabric Paint

5. Crafts 4 All 3D Permanent 24 Colors

6. Dupli-Color High-Performance Vinyl and Fabric

7. Krylon COLORmaxx Paint + Primer

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8. Rust-oleum Chalked Spray Paint

9. Jacquard Products Neopaque Acrylic Paint

10. Liquitex Professional Fabric Effects Medium

Top 10 Fabric Spray Paints:

1. Tulip 41438 Dimensional Fabric Spray Paint

This fabric spray paint is the best option for those with many people or especially kids around them. Tulip 41438 Dimensional fabric Paint Spray is an adequate looking paint for your fabric which provides you with good looking color.  

Tulip fabric spray paint is designed to spray the paint down directly from the paint bottle. This would relax you about the hassle of supplying the color and needing to small-time spend on cleanup. This fabric spray paint is also ideal for the conscious people of the painting price as this spray paint is very budget-friendly.

Tulip Fabric spray paint is available in a variety of colors and finishes. Moreover, this nontoxic paint is formulated for lasting adhesion to fabric, so your designs stay dimensional and intact wash even after wash.


  • great for most fabrics
  • very affordable and softer
  • comes in easy-squeeze bottles
  • not at all expensive


  • does not work with fabric softeners
  • paint might solidify
  • might requires several coats

2. Jacquard Lumiere Fabric Paint And Clothes Paint Jar: Pearlescent Magenta 

Our next pick is also an amazing spray paint for fabrics. Lumiere Jacquard gives you high-quality results with metallic and pearlescent effects and giving your material a shine and sparkle finish. Lumiere can also be mixed with Jacquard's other paints, creating custom colors and transparency of your intent.

This durable spray paint easily makes the custom color on dark fabric and gets a more opaque result that stands out. If you want to have the metallic and pearlescent effect, Lumiere is another good quality paint on the market, which might become your choice.


  • light in weight
  • weather resistant
  • Exhibit unparalleled adhesive paint
  • pastel, luminous color


  • not useful for alcohol ink projects
  • does not look like gold

3. Tulip 3D Silk Paint Set For Fabric Spray Paint

This is another product from Tulip. It would help if you were not surprised as Tulip is a well-known brand fabric & textile paint that gives a wide assortment of fabric paints. Its product Tulip 3D silk paint is one of the greatest 3D silk paints for fabric, which comes in various colors. 

Besides that, the tip of these spray paints is quite fine, which makes the color flow purely in your control, and you can easily draw intricate details like lettering and flowers on your fabrics.

These paints are safe and secure for everyone, as this is completely nontoxic and quite easy to clean after using. You can even wash your decorated household items that you have painted with water if you are dissatisfied with the color.


  • budget-friendly
  • perfect for writing & painting on fabric
  • nontoxic fabric paint
  • safe for both adults and kids


  • might be difficult to mix
  • have to layer it on to have it be more opaque

4.  Simply Spray Fabric Paint

This is one of the best upholstery paints and comes with three 8oz spray paint can. Though this Simply Spray Fabric paint is Permanent aerosol (fabric) paint, but is still nontoxic, non-flammable.

This fabric spray paint dries super faster and does not need any heat setting, as the color will get permanent after 72 hours. Simply Fabric spray paint can be used on absorbent materials and ensure your equipment is absorbent by applying water to an unwanted area, and providing the content absorbs the water well.  If your project demands an exact color matching, so we highly suggest testing on a small hidden area first to get your confidence.


  • Eco-friendly product
  • a great one for upholstery
  • takes less time in drying
  • no odor
  • non-flammable


  • not thicker
  • nozzle might need an upgrade
  • difficult to dispense at times

5.  Crafts 4 All 3D Permanent 24 Colors Spray Paint For Fabric And Cloth

Though this fabric spray paint consists of 24 different colors still, it does not compromise its value. These inexpensive sets of fabric paints can also provide various fun activities to the kids around you as this is completely nontoxic paint, thus making this safe.

This high-quality fabric spray paint is quite durable and comes with a satisfaction guarantee. Moreover, this highly pigmented quick dry 3D paint can also be made as 2D paint like acrylic for creating long-lasting art pieces that won't even cracks or peel. 

Drawings and writing on fabric become super simple with its innovative extra thin opening and easy squeeze bottles. The best thing is that these spray paints are easily washable, and you can get rid of them if you are not satisfied with the color.


  • life-time guarantee
  • 3D or 2D highly pigmented quick dry
  • nontoxic paints, thus make it safe for everyone
  • budget-friendly


  • blue ones were too thick
  • cant cover a large area as there is not enough paint left

6.  Dupli-Color High-Performance Vinyl and Fabric Spray Paint

Dupli-color range of vinyl colors are specially designed for vinyl & fabric surfaces and can be used in an automotive setting. They can be applied directly to your desired area and are fast drying to touch with just 30 minutes. 

The product adheres to any kind of surfaces, so it has a wide variety of applications applied to seats of vehicles, dashboards, doors, and more. As this fabric spray paint is formulated with an adhesion promoter, they don't require a primer and a soft crack/flaking & peeling resistant finish. It already consists of a flexible self-priming formula, saving your cost and great for resisting cracking, flaking, and peeling.


  • fast-drying formula
  • durable to resist peeling and chipping
  • adheres without primer


  • can be little rough crunchy and scratchy
  • doesn't have great coverage and might crack at times

7. Krylon COLORmaxx

Krylon can be used in many ways and on many surfaces. The paint can be applied to clothing, shoes, jewelry, different fabrics, covers, and textiles. It is known for its premium coverage and superb color with excellent adhesion and durability.  It can also prevent rust, so it is also best for indoor and outdoor use.

It also has a big button spray tip from which you can spray in any way you want and on any angle. For the people who are new to this art, they should visit Krylon's official website as the Krylon website has helpful a step-by-step guide for applying their paint on many different kinds of fabric other materials. 


  • quick drying
  • best for outdoor as well
  • adheres well to many surfaces
  • durable
  • beautiful rose gold color


  • may have dripping issues
  • color is significantly lighter than displayed

8. Rust-oleum Chalked Spray Paint

Rust-Oleum is an an-other well-reputed brand that is known for making the best spray paints. Rust-oleum's Chalked chalk spray paint is an an-other premium product used to paint fabrics and many other surfaces. This spray will give the signature chalky look and is often sprayed to upholstered furniture that needs a fresh look with just a single coat. 

Chalk painting fabrics can be an overwhelming experience for you if you use this product technically. It is always best to wet the cloth first and then spray the paint in fairly sheer coats.  To protect your fabrics after painting, you might need to use sealant products like wax for better results.


  • versatile- can be applied to many different household surfaces, as well as to fabrics
  • gives a matte finish
  • light in weight
  • dries quick


  • may require a wax sealant to protect the fabric
  • dripping issues
  • does not have great coverage

9. Jacquard Products Neopaque Acrylic Paint

This Neopaque is the best product, especially when you are dealing with dark-colored fabrics.  It is completely opaque and has a high pigment count, making this vibrant and intense even on dark textiles. 

If your preference is high-body paint, then it is surely the thing for you. The best thing about this if you find this little thicker, then you can easily mix this with water to make its consistency according to your need and requirement. 


  • heavy-body and is high consistency
  • vibrant and intense colors
  • durable
  • doesn't wear-off after washing


  • not good to use it with the airbrush system

10. Liquitex Professional Fabric Effects Medium

This is the last product on our list. This product form Liquitex is not a fabric paint, but it is a great medium to make an acrylic based paint useable for fabric painting. It also makes the color lighter in weight and workable. The best part of this product is that it does not need to be heat set. The paint, which is dried, will automatically be permanent and will be quite durable. 

This is also a great option among nontoxic additives to make acrylic paints adhere better with fabric, making heat setting almost unnecessary.


  • safe as completely nontoxic
  • no need to heat set the paint
  • makes any acrylic paint usable on fabric
  • controls dripping of colors


  • Expensive
  • does not work with metallic paint

Buyer’s Guide

Knowing how to paint with fabric spray paint might require a lot of patience, but with continuous practice, spray paint can save your time and mess and proved to be an effective way to achieve long-lasting, durable coverage.

Fabric spray paints are also difficult to buy as you the numerous options in the market might confuse or attract you and will lead you towards the wrong product, which might not be appropriate for you or your pocket.

Don't worry, and we have to take care of that as well. We have highlighted some features of fabric spray paints, which, if you considered, will give you the most perfect and memorable experience of your life, and you would prevent yourself from post-purchase dissonance.

  • Fabric Paint Opacity: The Opacity was the transparency of paint when you applied to the fabric. Opacity can make designs and enable you to determine how color will show up on the material. If you are dealing with a dark color fabric, then you will always need to select an opaque paint, as that makes the color more visible on top of the dark color. While looking at another side, if you are painting a light-color fabric, then they become transparent. The lighter colored painted object is not affected by the paint's Opacity, but if you are painting with the lighter paint color on light fabric, we would recommend you to buy more opaque paint.
  • Heat Setting Fabric Paint: When you use any fabric acrylic paints, you should set that paint with heat to make them permanently placed into your fabric. This feature is important to consider, especially when you are dealing with heat-sensitive structures. If you cannot manage heat set properly, you will not get durable and long-lasting results. So buy spray paint with heat control settings so that your painting would not turn into chaos.
  • Consistency And Paint Body: Lastly, the consistency and the painted body are also a very important feature as they both affect both fabrics once dried and the paint's application. If your spray paint does not have a painted body, then you will surely need to use an airbrush system or something which desires a more watercolor-like consistency when painting. You can sometimes improve the spray paint texture by using different additives or water or making it according to your need.


So, that is all for this piece.  We have listed ten best fabric paints. You can buy any of them to make that a part of your next creative endeavor. 

With also the buyer's guide, we hope that this article was helpful to you in some meaningful ways, and you would finally get the paint that you need.

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