5 Best Paint Sprayer Cleaning Kits

A regular painter can expect to spend somehow between $650-950 on a spray gun, so why would you not take the time to clean your spray gun appropriately. The essential painting tool, "the spray gun," when not cleaned and working correctly, results in many potential problems.

Faulty guns produce soft finishes, often to a worse degree because of tiger stripping or uneven paint application. The heavy film can take unnecessary time to dry because of contamination nib and buffing occur.  The leading cause is dirty paint spray guns. Dirty spray guns can only cost shop profits.

Investing a few additional minutes daily/weekly by outlaying time cleaning and caring for spray guns according to producer specifications can avoid many difficulties. The keys to proper cleaning start with having adequate tools and products on hand for the job. Despite being durable, spray guns are also delicate. They can easily be damaged when being cleaned if repairers use unapproved products and tools.

Realizing these significant effects of these cleaning mechanisms, we have listed some best cleaning kits from which you can easily clean your sprayer and make your experience a memorable one.



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1. CANOPUS Professional Spray Gun Cleaning Kit

2. TCP Global Professional 23 Piece Spray Gun Cleaning Kit

3. TOOLUXE 31209L Cleaning and Maintenance Kit

4. Astro 4544 Cleaning Kit

5. DeVilbiss 192212 Cleaning Kit

5 Best Paint Sprayer Cleaning Kits

1. CANOPUS Professional Spray Gun Cleaning Kit

First on our list is a superb product to clean your spray gun is from CANOPUS.  The airbrush cleaning kit comprises all brushes and components required for cleaning each and every gun part. Moreover, the precision needle set and handle will effectively and efficiently clean seals, retaining rings, and many more.

This cleaning kit also includes three mini end brushes and holders, six micro needle packs and holders, five-piece mini-brush set. They will help to unsoiled air caps, body cavities, and even other exterior parts. Multi-item brush tools clean away any residue to keep the gun in excellent and perfect working condition for improved finishing results extending gun life. 

In short, this ultimate paint gun cleaning kit is ideal and easy for cleaning all sorts of spray guns such as suction, gravity, detail, HVLP, as well as airbrushes.


  • Ideal for cleaning all type of guns
  • Designed to get into even small cracks and crevices
  • Contains 23 pieces


  • It might get rusted after some time.
  • The plastic cover might get de-shaped

2. TCP Global Professional 23 Piece Spray Gun Cleaning Kit

Next on our list is another cleaning kit, which will surely attract those who are cleaning freaks. This ultimate cleaning kit of TCP is perfect for all sorts of spray guns, which may also include suction, gravity, pressure feed, detail, HVLP, as well as airbrushes. This means that you won’t have to think about your sprayer's compatibility and this kit and can clean it without any stress. 

This kit includes all types of brushes and every component required to clean any part of your spray gun. This also makes it hassle-free to go and look for something else to clean appropriately. 

This kit also contains 23 pieces which are sufficient enough to keep your gun in perfect condition as it comprises three mini end brushes and holder, six micro needle packs and holder, a five-piece mini-brush set, three sizes of flexible tube cleaning brushes, one firm metal tube cleaning brush, one large general-purpose brush. Furthermore, it includes one bottle of spray gun lubricant and one compartmentalized storage case to complete this fantastic set.


  • Kit includes everything you might need to clean your gun.
  • Inexperience painters can also handle it.


  • The lubricant bottle is sometimes not appropriately filled.

3. TOOLUXE 31209L HVLP Air Spray Paint Gun Cleaning and Maintenance Kit

This is another outstanding cleaning kit on our list, which surely be on your preference list. The Durable and flexible wire brushes allow for easy and quick access to clean hard-to-reach cavities, which is almost impossible from any ordinary brush. 

This cleaning kit also cares about the protection of your spray gun as the multi-item brush tools fresh, clean away any remainder for better finishing results, and extend the gun life, which means that you don't have to reinvest again on the same product frequently. Furthermore, for your convenience, the maintenance supply gear is adequately placed in a compact compartmentalized tray for comfortable, relaxed storage and visibility. 

To complete this kit, it has some great equipment, including four-piece of a wire brush, five-piece of flexible meeting, three-piece of mini brush, one-piece of handle toothbrush, six-piece microneedles, two-piece of aluminum holders, and one lubrication bottle.


  • Variety sizes of nozzles
  • Great for every spray gun
  • Metal air gauge
  • Easy cleaning system


  • Nuts are over-tight
  • The hose connection is not standard.

4. Astro 4544 Cleaning Kit

With over 40 years of importing products into the United States Automotive Aftermarket, Astro Pneumatic Tool Co. bids several other product categories for one-stop shopping. Astro Pneumatic's products under their well-known brand name "ASTRO" include the prevalent tool and other equipment classics with innovative new items and types of equipment.

The purpose of Astro Pneumatic's priority is, and always has been, delivering elite quality at a very reasonable price that won't break the bank. They keep their margins relatively low but never at the stake of tried and true product reliability.

This product is nothing less than anything is and contains some fantastic brushes at a competitive price. It ensured a high-level of durability, so you don’t have to worry about its wear and tear.


  • perfect when used on a complete breakdown of the gun
  • friendly tool and trap case
  • quite durable


  • Some quality issues
  • Pricey

5. DeVilbiss 192212 Cleaning Kit

Lastly, in our list, we have a cleaning kit from DeVilbiss, which might also attract you enough to get this on our priority list. It contains six precision tools that are purposely designed to effectively clean spray guns so that no leftovers of paint are seen on your gun. 

This kit also comes with spray gun lube and cleaning instructions so that even a first-timer painter or DIYer is fully equipped with all the necessary information, which is required in this cleaning process. Furthermore, this whole product weighs only 3.5 pounds, making it super easy and comfortable to carry wherever you want.


  • Have some great tools
  • Great quality
  • Reasonable price


  • The case is of low quality and not really flexible.

How to clean a paint sprayer? 

Step 1 - Clean the paint cup

The first and the most important part is to clean out the paint cup.

This is the part that will probably have the most paint or fluid on it. So, you have to start by filling up the cup with your paint cleaning solution or thinner.

After filling it up, put the cap back on the cup and shake it properly to release the fluid up. Then, pull the trigger and let the paint thinner spray into a bucket or a plastic cup. 

The paint cleaning solvent will also work its way through the inner mechanisms of the paint sprayer and do the deep cleaning work required.

Then, you need to wipe some parts with a paper towel and paint cleaning solvent inside of the cup (remember to use nitrile gloves for this to avoid skin contact) to clean paint out of the entire body.

Step 2 - Disassemble the gun body

The Next step is to unscrew the gun body and remove the paint cup after that put the paint cup aside to dry on a paper towel. Then, continue on to disassembling the rest of the spray gun parts.

Next appropriate step is to unscrewing the air cap of the gun. Then, be very cautious as you move to unscrew the needle. The paint needle is usually loaded with spring, so as you unscrew it, it will bounce off the gun if you don't grip it in place very cautiously.

Step 3 - Submerge the parts in paint thinner

After disassembling the whole spray gun, it's time to clean all those smaller parts thoroughly. Although we recommend using paint cleaning solvent, since it makes the job much easier, you can also use a simple thinner or soapy water for this step if you wish.

The important part is to take care of all these small parts and make sure they remain undamaged during the entire cleaning and reassembling process.

To avoid any damages, we recommend you separate the outer air cap, inner air cap, and the main gun body and immerse them in a bucket or plastic tub full of paint cleaning solvent or thinner.

Leaving them fully soak will disintegration any paint residue that is remaining inside and make it much easier to deeply clean all the parts.

However, we don't recommend submerging the needle or the spring in the solution along with all of the other parts as they can easily get misplaced or bent during this process.

Step 4 - Wipe everything down thoroughly

Once you left everything to soak for some time (usually a few minutes to half an hour), it's time to take them all out of the cleaning solution and start drying them down.

Al this stage, a cleaning brush, and other tools come in handy. Select and use the appropriate brush to scrub the fluid tip and air cap parts to get any additional paint off. It should come off much easier now because of the soaking process.

Then, if you notice any backlog around the little ridges inside, you can (very carefully) take the small brush to get any paint out of those grooves.

Next, you have to take a paper towel or rag with a bit of cleaning solution on it and rub the fluid needle, and spring down carefully.

Step 5 - Reassemble the spray gun

Lastly, after giving all of the parts a deep clean, you need to reassemble the spray gun.

Firstly, place the needle and spring back where they belong. Then screw on the inner air cap, followed by the outer air cap.

Finally, put the paint cup back on the gun body and place the cap on it, and now you're done!


We know very well that cleaning your paint gun is unavoidable, and there are a few different approaches to cleaning it. Firstly,  the most crucial thing to remember and make sure to clean it right away after each use. If you permit the paint to sit in the gun, it will start to harden even for even a few hours, and then soaking it simply will not be adequate.

So it is always wise to keep these little tips in your mind and enjoy your painting experience fully.

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