What are HVLP sprayers used for?

The popularity of HVLP sprayers has grown significantly since the inception of the technology. The acronym HVLP stands for high-volume, low-pressure, and this type of sprayer is used for air gun spraying. In general, air gun spraying can be defined as the process through which paint is applied using an air pressurized gun.

This type of gun consists of a paint basin, a nozzle, and an air compressor. During the painting process, the trigger on the gun will be pressed. This action will cause the paint in the device to mix with compressed air. As a result, the paint is released as a fine spray.

In simple terms, this type of product uses compressed air to facilitate spraying. However, the HVLP sprayer operates at low pressure. Basically, the sprayer will need a high volume of air (HV) to aerosolize the paint contained in the basin.

As a result, the paint will be propelled and released at a lower pressure (LP). This design is favorable compared to the alternative spray paint design because of its distinct advantages. The low-pressure application reduces overspray. In addition, there is minimal air pollution, and materials will not be wasted.

There are many uses for HVLP paint guns, and their applications are increasing due to the efficiency of the product. Consider this short discussion on the common use of HVLP sprayers.

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Auto refinishing: What are HVLP sprayers used for

The HVLP spray gun is a popular device in the automotive industry. This type of sprayer has replaced alternatives on the market and become the top tool of refinishing specialists. The gun is ideal because it can handle the primer for auto refinishing, as well as the paint and the clear coat.

In addition, it is better than other options because you do not need to buff the top clear coating. The HVLP sprayer is suitable for professionals, but DIY enthusiasts can also use it for at-home auto refinishing.

Marine finishing

Proper finishing is essential for marine vessels because the coating provides protection against corrosion in addition to increasing appeal. The HVLP sprayer can handle both metal and wooden surfaces. When the nozzle is correctly adjusted, the covering for each surface will be ideal.

When using an HVLP gun for marine painting, it is important to ensure that the distance between the surface and the gun is minimal, about 4”. This will reduce overspray and still provide good coverage. The reduced overspray will reduce paint particles in the air.

Building painting

While HVLP sprayers are more popular for painting transportation structures, they can also be used for architectural work. They are favorable for painting different features of the building because the resulting coat is even. In addition, almost every type of paint can be applied as long as the right nozzle is used.

For instance, the HVLP gun can be used in applying drywall mud inconsistent, even layers. The device can be used for indoor and outdoor applications, and you can benefit financially from the lack of overspray.

Furniture finishing

Finishing furniture can be a stressful task because a high level of precision is required. Without the right tools, the coatings will not be even and the visual effect will be low. Fortunately, the HVLP sprayer is suitable for the process because the paint is propelled at a low pressure.

This lower application pressure means that the gun can be held closer to the furniture surface. Consequently, the coating can be spread in a more exact manner, giving better coverage than other methods.

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I’d like to use a sprayer that can put an even coat on my shed. The shed that came with my house is green while the actual house doesn’t have anything green on it at all. So my wife wants to paint it the same color as the house to help her OCD.

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