5 Ideas For Two-color Combination For Bedroom Walls

Have you ever planned to give your bedroom a lively and contemporary look but super confused in selecting the perfect color combination?  

The colour combination plays a significant role in transporting us to a different mood so you must be very particular about selecting colours as your bedroom should not just only a place to sleep. Your bedroom should be a place where you can completely relax and get yourself refresh for the entire day. The colour combination of your bedroom also depicts your personality, so choosing the perfect combination can be difficult.  

Wall paint comes in a wide range, and confusion is certain while picking from numerous options. Just imagine your walls a blank canvas where you can show your art of creativity. You are lucky o your walls are pure white as any color can paint well with white because of its neutral nature. 

We will try to clear your ambiguity by recommending colors so that you can conveniently give your bedroom a brand-new look.  

Here, we have suggested you some best five combos of colors for you to glance over and perhaps fall in love with one.  

Scroll down and have a look. 

1. Brown and Cream 

 The cream colour looks perfect with a brown one. It will surely give your bedroom an elegant and classy look. A dark wood makeover with this combination will amplify the artistic level of your sleeping space. If you are using ‘Nippon Paints’, then we suggest you use Green Slate and Comfy Tan for this combination. 

2. Light Brown and Muted Green 

Some colours are made to give a spacious look because all of the paint colours are not supposed to have the limelight on them, and Light Brown and Muted Green are one of that combination. This is a superb combo for giving an earthy and natural feel to your bedroom. 

3. Green and Pink 

This colour combination pairs exceptionally well and would suits best for a guest bedroom or even a master bedroom. The new colour scape of this Combo on the back wall of your room will give it a unique look.  

4. Lime Green and Yellow 

This Combo is the best idea for your kid’s bedroom. Yellow must be slightly bright so that it concedes well together with the Lime Green colour and give a bright and happy vibe in a bedroom. If you feel that your bedroom is looking small than keep your ceiling white, it will help you to get rid of ‘boxed in’ feeling. 

5. Royal Red and Blue 

They are perfect contrasting colours, but on the other hand, they complement each other as well without being too loud. This is a brilliant colour concept for a master bedroom in your home and even a superb choice for a guest bedroom. 

Tips for choosing the right paint color 

So here are some tips for choosing the right paint colour that has helped me avoid many colour mistakes. Considering them will surely ease your process. 

1. Don’t pick your colour first.  

I know that bigger things are supposed to be done first, but, in this case, selecting the furniture first should be your priority. We are saying this because it is easy to choose a paint that can collaborate with your furniture than to select decor that will go with your paint colour. 

2. Any source of inspiration 

If you plan to colour your bedroom, then take inspiration for it so that it can boost your morale and you will find many options for your task. You can search for Pinterest. It is a great platform when deciding your paint colours.  

3. Use Testers 

We suggest you buy some testers and paint it on some wall so check so that you will have an idea of how lights of that room hit with that colour. Don’t brush your pure white walls because it will throw the shade off. If you need to test colour, then just do it on a larger area for a better feel.  Leave that tester for at least two days so that you will know what the colour reflects at a different time of day.  

Apart from all these essential tips, it would help if you had a complete idea of the sheen of the paint colour. We will tell you some basic guidelines for some different finish choices. 

  • Flat (Matte): This has no shine at all. You can use this type of paint in living rooms and bedrooms as they are less traffic area in your place. 
  • Flat Enamel: This, too have almost no shine, but it is much easier to clean than Flat (Matte). This will be the best option if you have kids or some pets around you. 
  • Eggshell Enamel: This type of finish has a slight shine and good for moderate traffic areas at home. You can easily wipe off most of the scuffs with just a wet piece of cloth. 
  • Satin Enamel: It is best for the areas which are the most humid at your place and works well in high traffic areas. It is super easy to clean, and that’s why it is perfect for your kitchen and washrooms. 
  • Semi Glass Enamel: It is shinier but not as glass. You can easily use this on cabinet and trims and even in high moisture areas at your home. 
  • Hi-Glass Enamel: This gives almost glass-like finish and is most appropriate for high use surfaces like a railing. 


Your bedroom is where you always start and end each day, which is why you should create in your bedroom the sight that fills your mood with all brilliance.  

So, did you find your favourite Combo that you would like to incorporate into your bedroom? If you are confused, then you can easily take elements from numerous designs and create your unique place. All you require is some planning with creativity.  

We hope you enjoyed exploring colour choices as much as we have and that you have found the exclusive combination to customize your bedroom. 

Happy Shopping 

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