Top 5 Spray Paints For Graffiti Reviews

Graffiti is a form of art of writing and drawings made on a wall or other surface, usually without permission and within public view. This art does not limit simple written words but gets wider to elaborated wall paintings. 

Graffiti can be seen even as anti-social behavior that has been done to gain the public's attention or simply as a thrill-seeking source, but it can also be viewed as an expressive form of art. 

In the modern era, spray paint and marker pens have proved to be commonly used graffiti materials, and Graffiti is an art of its own which requires different considerations when buying the right spray paints for the job.  



Editor Rating

1). Montana Cans Montana TECH 400 ml

2). Montana MTN 94 Spray Paint 400ml

3). Krylon COLORMaxx Spray Paint

4). MTN Hardcore Popular Color Set 

Top 5 Spray Paints For Graffiti Reviews

5). Molotow Premium Spray Paint

5 Best Graffiti Spray Paints:

1). Montana 

Montana water-based spray paints are the most multi-skilled water-based aerosol paints currently available on the market. Spraying the Water Base contents directly into a cup or container, the DIYer is free to manipulate the paint and can merge and mix in other colors to get an endless range of tones.  

The new and specially developed low-pressure system option provides desired results and great accuracy in the painting process.  It takes very little time to dry completely, which can be a treat for impatient people to finish their painting and for the ones who have to wait hours and hours for applying the second coat. The only draw-back is this product is a little expensive than other spray paints. 

Montana also offers a 100ml bottle, which is a great option for starter kits or workshops where spray paints are being introduced as a new medium. 


  • Easily removed while still wet
  • Great for indoor use 
  • Permanent when fully dried
  • Easy to mix
  • Can be used as an aerosol  


  • Expensive
  • 300mL not sold in a pack

2). MTN 94 

MTN94 is a great graffiti spray paint set to start your graffiti experience. This is a synthetic based acrylic spray paint with a very low-pressure system that can be released at other pressures allowing for great control with second to none coverage. The color gives a high-quality matte finish with very little time and has a standard cap that works well for detailed work. 

It is also noticed that the colors of these MTN 94 radiate brightly, so one has to use with caution and intent, but this radiating brightness makes MTN 94 Fluorescent tones ideal for making things prominent. 

During my survey, I noticed that MTN 94  produces a dud can where there is no mixing ball. While the other one is that low-pressure consumers face clogging issues in their process, which is also wasting their time, I agree that these issues are not at all enough to put off any customer.  


  • Professional results
  • Great coverage
  • Long-lasting
  • Lightweight
  • Low cost as compared to other alcohol-based markers


  • No labels on tags of colors name
  • Can not be refilled
  • Not a good UV resistant

3). Krylon COLORMaxx Spray Paint  

Next is our list, another amazing spray paint, which is also known as the spray paint market leader for decades, obviously for a good reason. It sprays evenly, and the color always comes out, as noted on the can. The quality of paint, the easy touch spray tip, and its quick drying time make it one of any DIYer choices.  

We also have found that Krylon has introduced two new products with the name of Krylon Fusion All-in-one and the Krylon COLORmaxx. The Fusion All-In-One is an out-class product that quickly and easily bonds to any hard surfaces such as plastics and furniture without sanding or priming. It also offers maximum rust protection for all outdoor projects. On the other hand, COLORmaxx offers brilliant and trending colors in a range of sheens with long-lasting effects. 

Both of the products have easy to push a big button and gives the capability to spray at any required angle for quick coverage and to finish the job done. 


  • Easily bonds with many surfaces.
  • Availability of rare colors
  • Budget-friendly


  • Some colors have low coverage 
  • Always not true to color on packaging

4). MTN Hardcore Popular Color Set  

Top 5 Spray Paints For Graffiti Reviews

MTN Hardcore is more than a spray paint as it is considered as the standard symbol for high-performance. MTN Hardcore Color set is well known by graffiti writers worldwide for its medium-to-high pressure speed, and it's extra quick, super-smooth coverage allowing for fast fills and saving your time.  

MTN is dedicated to providing its customers with a quality product, hence popular hardcore set also has some of the brightest and the most vibrant range of imaginable colors. Moreover, it has the amazing ability to dry extremely quickly. 

Montana merchandise this set as their most reliable set of paints, meant to be "winter-proof," which can surely maintain a glossy or shiny finish even in the extreme weather conditions. 

Remember to gather some paint thinner or paint remover to clean the caps before each use since they tend to clog as Montana cans are meant for graffiti DIYers, so the paint runs on the thicker side. 


  • Very durable
  • Takes less time for drying
  • Amazing default cap


  • Can be clogged after first use
  • Expensive

5). Molotow Premium Spray Paint 

When we come to quality spray-paint, the Molotow Premium line is definitely in our list of best spray paints that can be used for Graffiti. Their branding and overall classic hardware-store look have not changed much over these years, but the real or important thing is found inside the can and makes that overall best paint on the market. Moreover, they have 251+ colors that you can pick from. This means a never-ending possibility of color schemes and many shading options 

The Molotow Flowmaster valve is made extra tough with a strong gasket and steel spring, but don't worry that it does not feel tough on your finger as it is actually quite smooth and precise. Besides that, it has quality pigment, which makes this spray paint UV resistant. 

The paint stays stuck to the wall with no dust coming back into the atmosphere, which is favorable when painting indoors or any poorly ventilated areas. 


  • Has great coverage
  • Dries quickly
  • No dripping
  • Provide rich color production


  • Pricey
  • Has no caps
  • Colors can be too pastel

Buyer's Guide:

No matter how much you are concerned about your furniture and how much you take care of, some bumps and scratches will appear. The patches of that new coat of paint will grow dull, and no matter how hard you try, you cannot get rid of these bumps and scratches, but the good part is that you can surely do something about the paint that has lost its luster with a good can of spray paint. Though a good spray can solve your problem, the real challenge is to find the best one according to your specific needs. 

Don't lose hope as we have also combined some important and considerable factors of spray paint that can be used for Graffiti, which would definitely help you to select the one which suits you the best.  

Please have a look on to find the spray paint that will add new life to your valuable furniture and your home. 

1) Surface 

The most important that you need to look before buying any spray paint is the surface that you want to paint as one should be very well aware of that. If you really want to achieve the best possible results, you should search for a can of spray paint that best suits the surface you will be working on, no matter what that might be. 

Always consider surface type before shopping any new paint because different kinds of spray paint have features that only work out best when used on the right surface. 

2) Type of finish 

How would your result look? It is perhaps the concern of all the DIYers, and in my opinion, this is also something that would need your attention if your planning to buy any new product. So you have to pay extra attention to what type of finish the spray paint you are thinking about buying provides. 

Some paint finishes are shiny and grab the attention of plenty of buyers while others are more muted and are better suited for blending into a pre-established design scheme. So that depends on what kind of look you want of your home. 

3) Durability 

Have you ever wondered why people re-paint their walls or want to give it a new and fresh look? This is probably because either they are tired of that traditional look or that paint has lost its sharpness or layers have already chipped, and some may have even fully peeled off. 

Paint durability becomes an even more important concern when the object you are painting will be used outdoors. Durable paints might cost you little, but again it is also wise to spend once rather again and again. 

4) Drying Time 

You should also consider the drying time that paint offers. This is specifically vital to pay attention to if you are someone who only gets the chance to be in the workshop during the weekends. 

5) Reviews of spray paint 

Before buying any new product, you must seriously go through the customer reviews of that specific product. There might be many sides of products that the manufacturers would not highlight, and consumers can only convey that. 

A consumer review will let you know the complete picture and real pros and cons of that product, so going through them is also very important. 

6)  High heat resistance 

Select a spray paint that can withstand the high temperature. If you are painting any heat source object like a stove so obviously you would need a spray that can resist a high amount of heat or must register to get a spray paint that is not damaged easily when exposed to high heat.  

Besides that, items that are painted outdoor also need to be coated with some heat-resistant spray paint. 

7) Warranty 

Last but very important thing that you need to look before taking out your wallet for buying is to check the warranty card. Do not even think of buying a spray paint that gives you a warranty of less than a year as, in that case, it is being considered by the customers that the manufacturers are not sure about their product. Assurance is a way to give trust to the customers and helps to build a healthy and long-lasting bond with them. 


Wherever you go in your life, either you are traveling to a foreign country or moving to a quiet neighborhood, or visiting friends in the city, you can encounter Graffiti. 

Graffiti will surely give your walls a brand new look if and only you pick the right spray paint for that. There are different spray available in the market that might attract you, but you all need to be clever enough to choose the one that suits you and your pocket the best. 

This small guide contains all the information that you might be needed when you think of Graffiti and would help you have an amazing and memorable experience. 

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