These 6 Spray Paints are Perfect for Plastic

Many people have the misconception that their plastic stuff will remain new forever, I am sorry for bursting their bubble but this is not how it is. Take a minute and think of all of the plastic items in your home which you are planning to discard or throw away because of not being bold in color as they used to be.

If you have the correct spray it will completely change the look of your favorite household items just with no fuss, because it's never been so easy to revamp your home. These spray paints not only elevate the look of your furniture but also protects against external elements. Spray paints are guaranteed to take kindly to hard plastic applications and give off a finish that is as smooth and professional as possible. 

If you want to know what kind of paint your plastic furniture needs then you have come to the right place as we have listed down the six best sprays of some well-known brands with their strengths and weaknesses. This guide will help you to know the content which will help you to land on the right decision when you are stuck between numerous options while visiting the market for purchase.

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1). Rust-Oleum Primer Spray Paint

These 6 Spray Paints are Perfect for Plastic (2020 Edition)

2). Krylon SuperMax Spray paint

3). Colorbond 325 Ford Med Dove LVP

4). Valspar 21924 Gloss Black Enamel

5). Krylon K02739007 Fusion All-In-One spray-paints

6). Thompsons TH.010100-18 Clear Multi-Surface

6 Best Spray Paints For Plastic:

1) Rust-Oleum Paint Self Etching Primer Spray Paint

These 6 Spray Paints are Perfect for Plastic (2020 Edition)

Rust-Oleum is our top pick. This paint has a ‘Fast-Drying’ formula, which will let your furniture form wet to dry in just 20 minutes. It contains creamy and rich appearance which makes it great for hiding imperfections of your furniture. The can of this spray is very comfortable to use as you can spray it from any angle you want.

As this is oil-based paint so the user has to be very careful as he should not expect to flake or peel off afterwards. The best thing is that this is durable and has a minimal odor which is such a relaxation for people who can't with-stand the smell of paints or are allergic to it. This paint does not only work with plastic but is also good for some other materials like unglazed ceramics, metal, wood and masonry, thus making it multi-functional.

The only problem which is being faced is that it’s colors are slightly off. Though the color may seem to be perfect but it might change when it gets dried. Let me give you an example, If you will spray pure white then it might result in off-white after drying.


  • Dries fast
  • Very easy to hold
  • Has a satin finish
  • Great color retention
  • Does not require primer


  • Peels off with ease
  • Color is slightly off

2). Krylon SuperMax Spray paint

This is again a great option that you must consider. It adheres to all difficult surfaces especially various types of plastic, bare wood and even metals so without a doubt this kind of versatility is a great plus for this product.

This spray comes with advanced design. The nozzle it contains is quite soft and responsive which results in steady and precise spray, so you can be as detailed as you want to be.

This product does not require primer or any sort of sanding, so you might suffer with hassle of application, but trust me its end result is worth going through that fuss. As after drying this paint will produce a hard enamel with elegant satin finish and this finish is resistant to all types of scratches or any other damages.


  • Does not require sanding or primer
  • Provides rust or rot protection
  • Brilliant and smooth finishing.
  • Works on many materials


  • Takes some times to dry
  • Its nozzle might get clogged or stuck
  • Difficult application

3). Colorbond 325 Ford Med Dove LVP

This spray paint does not work only with plastics but also with leather and vinyl as well. It contains approximately 100 different colors which are categorized by model and color of upholstery that you have.

Many people label this as ‘Refinsher’ instead of a paint as this does not actually paint but the chemical inside this restores the color and shine of the furniture on which it is used. Like, if any vintage object at your place is losing its color, then you can apply the same color on it and your work is done, so you don’t have to scrub off the old paint.

Though this ‘Refinisher’ is said to take only some seconds to dry and form a firm and secure bond with the object, but I would recommend you give enough time between your coats


  • Has a glossy finish
  • Comes out smoothly
  • Works for materials other than plastic
  • Dries fast


  • Refinishing same color, rather than applying new one.

4). Valspar 21924 Gloss Black Enamel

This might be also your pick as it is used for indoor and outdoor applications. Apart from plastic it is also effective wood, metals and also ceramics. It finishes with a glossy and tough effect and can cover anything with a single layer. It also comes with a special twisting cap which can avoid any accident.

You can spray at every angle with the same force making this incredible for indoor use and on large surfaces and at the same time its smart designed cap results in further precision. You will notice a smooth and cogent in the end as its thick layer adapts to the textures of most of the surfaces.


  • Dries quickly
  • Scratch and water resistance
  • Twist lock cap to prevent accidents
  • For multiple surfaces


  • Release fumes
  • Expensive
  • Requires several layers

5). Krylon K02739007 Fusion All-In-One spray-paints

The next product in our list is also of Krylon as they are one of the most highly-regarded paint manufacturers.  This product takes no time in drying and has some superb bonding capabilities with a variety of surfaces especially plastic.

It is a kind of premium product which easily bonds with difficult surfaces, without sanding and priming. Its satin finishing makes its great option for indoor and outdoor projects.

It takes 25 minutes to dry completely and covers up to 25 square feet, making this an ideal choice to give your furniture a new look. It also features an easy push button that enables you to use it in any directions even upside down.


  • Completely chip-resistant after seven day
  • Bonds easily with surfaces of plastic, PVC and resin
  • Dries to touch in 20 minutes
  • No priming and sanding required


  • Nozzle might get clogged
  • Uneven spray action

6). Thompsons TH.010100-18 Clear Multi-Surface

This is another product that we have in our list of best spray paints. This spray is suitable for all weather conditions and also quite handy to restrict water damage. It is also great in protecting the paint from various elements when it works as under-seal. The coating this paint provides is waterproof, making its effect long lasting.

Besides when it is used as an additive for the solvent thinned paints, it manages to protect not only seepage but also from the rust as well. Therefore, it is proven to be capable enough of providing multiple-protection to several materials.

This is one of the reasons why Thomson had earned a name in emerging technologies, knowing the industry's trends.



  • Made by sluggish materials
  • Protects any deck material
  • Waterproof coating for long lasting result.


  • It is slightly expensive

Why Should You Buy Spray paints?

After going through some of the best options of spray paints, you must be wondering why do you need this? Why would you spend your money on it? Is it something worth spending money on?

These are some genuine questions that every person who wants their shabby furniture a neat look might have. Don’t worry we have answers to all of your worries.

  • Those parts or corners of your furniture which are hard to reach and need detailing as well, their spray paints would be their only friend rather than a paint brush. It is especially convenient when you want to turn drab, beige wicker furniture into eye-catching pieces that add a stylish pop of color to any space. So for covering even minute patch of furniture you got to have a spray paint
  • Then also a spray paint gives you a smoother look which is not possible when you have small brush marks on your furniture and have uneven surface. It is then obvious when you paint anything new, one has to bluff it first though with a sandpaper. This ensures that the primer coat will adhere properly to the surface
  • Once your hands get set on spray paint, you will automatically move onto more fancy and creative projects. You will have an opportunity to show your creativity by writing any welcome messages on your door mats or making some patterns on your walls of your room to give it a wall art effect
  •  Believe it or not spray paints saves your time which everyone is deprived of. Living in a world where everyone is looking for shortcuts but still wants everything best and contemporary. Spray paints prove themselves quite efficient rather than paint brush as they truly are the little miracle in a can.

Important measures before using spray paint

The art of spray painting seems to be very easy, but it does require some special knowledge for proper use. When you have finally decided to use the spray paints then you must know the proper technique and measures to paint your items. This guide will also highlight some important tips that you must know before using so that you have a great experience.

  1. You must always work in a well- ventilated area, because these spray paints release fumes which can be harmful for your respiratory system, so give preference to outdoor places.
  2. Then you must be careful about the weather conditions as well. Some of the spray paints won't adhere in extreme weather conditions and even when the humidity is below 65%.  You can use tape to cover the areas which you don’t want to paint and make sure that the corners are sealed well to avoid any leak underneath.
  3. You have to properly clean the surface which you want to paint. Paint does not stick to dusty and greasy areas. Take your time to clean any remains that might be clinging to the surface. You may even use the sandpaper to get the surface even and to have a smooth finish when you spray a paint.
  4. Before you begin your painting, make sure to wear protective gear like a respiratory mask, gloves and safety glasses. The goggles will help to prevent any fumes of the paint that blows back towards your face. Take a break immediately if you feel a little dizzy or having any difficulty in breathing as your health and safety is more important than any project.
  5. Shake the can for about 2 to 3 minutes before getting started. This will ensure the paint is well mixed and you will enjoy the consistent color of your project.
  6. You got to do a spot test before using it on your valuable furniture. Spray the paint on some inconspicuous area or item. This will give you the idea of the color that it will end with. This will also give you the clue about the distance of the can with the item to get the desired effect and you would finally imagine how your item will look after paint.
  7. Consider the idea of using sawhorse. If you object sit well on a sawhorse then you may want to use these to suspend the item in the air. By using this you don’t have to bend more and more and it would be much easier to reach areas that might be difficult for you to approach on the ground.

Hopefully our reviews and other information would help you to find the spray of your choice and need. While it’s not always easy to shop online, we hope this article has given you enough confidence to make a great purchase.

Happy Shopping

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