Paint Sprayer Vs. Paint Brush: When to use which one?

Choosing the best equipment is probably the first important step for any DIYers when they proceed towards any painting process. As a matter of fact is there are only two options: the paint sprayer and the paintbrush.

This decision can be a real challenge as the price difference, performance, and many other factors might confuse you to make your buying decision.

Paint Brush

A paintbrush is a tool from which you must be very familiar. This painting tool comes in various shapes and sizes, so if you choose this route, you must have a good collection of them.

Brush painting can be used when you need to create your custom colors on your favorite objects. Secondly, if you have to deal with indoor painting or any place where you don’t have good ventilation, a paintbrush would be a nice recommendation for those, as they are considered less toxic then the sprayer. You would be able to get your job done according to your specification and requirement.

Besides that, if your painting object has some specific molds and grooves so obviously that surface would need detailed work over there. If you have a high-quality paintbrush, that will allow you to apply a thin coat of color with an angled brush, which is the ultimate key to getting a good finish with brush painting.

However, you have a large project to deal with at some times, and in that case, paintbrush would not help you get your desired result. This is because this will take a lot of time to complete your assignment, which can be stressful for you as the bigger premium is required on technique when you decide to go the manual route.

Paint Sprayer

Paint assignments that might require several hours with the brush might be a matter of some minutes with a good spray system. Though a paint sprayer might save your time in completing your project, at the same time, it is also going to be generally more expensive than the paintbrush.

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Many DIYers generally use this form of painting for their convenience, but it is also a good option if you are keen to get a high gloss or a satin finish. This is a great option to adopt if you want to achieve an even coverage without any brushstrokes and especially for an outdoor project where you would only need a single coat of spray paint for the range to be good. You also don’t have to wait for days and days to use your project because of the amazing drying time. Moreover, if you have molded over a piece of your furniture, then spray painting easily lets you deal with all the nooks and crannies.

It is not also not recommended to use a sprayer if you are not habitual and have no experience of using it as this might create an incoherent and unattractive coating, which you obviously don’t want. Keeping this in mind, you should learn or follow proper instructions for using this equipment, which is totally worth your time.

How to get the best of both world

Now when you have gone through this article, you must have realized that both tools are best in their skins. You might also get your mind twisted upon thinking about which one is better than the other. Here we will offer you techniques and adopting that will enable you to change the way you used to paint, and you can get the best of both worlds.

In my survey, we have also researched that the appropriate way to apply paint is by using an airless sprayer and a process known as “back-brushing.”

Back-brushing is the process in which you do paint brushing over paint that has been applied with either a paint roller or a sprayer. Adopting this method will let you have the color onto the surface quickly and brush it in before it dries. At the same time, Back-brushing forces the paint into tight corners of your object and even out the coat, giving you better adhesion with the item for a long-lasting paint job.

We agree that the paintbrush slows down your process as you can not load a lot of paint on it at a time. Still, back-brushing and spraying will let you cover massive areas of your painting object, almost as quickly as spraying alone, making this a win-win situation for both painting tools.


The crux of this article is if you are a frequent painter and doing several DIY paint projects, you have to need a good spray system and some best decent brushes as you might have observed that if you hire any painter, he usually carries both the tools with himself. If you want some pro-quality results, you should do the same.

If your pocket doesn’t allow you to gather lots of different paint equipment all at once, that is not something you should fret about. If you are in this situation, you have to remember the salient basic points for each method before beginning your painting process.

The paint sprayer is undoubtedly an expensive tool but is great for high volume jobs, like painting a home. Their high output will make your task easy to finish in less time and also helps to give some fine finish. While looking on the other side, a paintbrush is an excellent option for detailed-oriented projects and some furniture that has a relatively small space to show your creativity.

Regardless of what painting tool you choose, the best thing is by this guide, you are well equipped to get a device capable of tackling your project. However, if you still take some time to search for the tool to suit you the best, it will save you from frustration and some post-purchase hassles.  

Enjoy Painting!!

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