How to Spray paints Off Hands, Nails & Skin

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Spray paint has indeed made your life much comfortable, at the same point, it has also made it a lot messier. It is very tough to work with spray paint and avoid getting that on some of your body parts.

Paint not only just make you hand dirty in appearance but also can cause some other problems which might be dangerous at some point.

Some of the side-effects are:

  • headaches
  • dizziness
  • nausea
  • skin irritation
  • burning
  • difficulty breathing
  • tightness in chest
  • fatigue
  • vomiting and diarrhea

To avoid inhalation of paint fumes, you are suggested to wear a face mask so that you are completely protected, but no matter how much you try your hand or nails might get some color in your painting process.

Often at times, just taking a shower or washing it with water will not get you rid of the paint, so you have to try some other techniques as well to get it off properly.

In this guide, we will share here some easy ways from which you can remove your spray paint from your hands, skin or nails. Works like magic for me every time!

Method# 1: Start With Water And Soap

Though this is one of the most simple methods of removing the paint but unfortunately, this combination is not the cure-all that we all are looking for. Water and soap might work for basic latex paints, but it will not work with oil paints as it is obvious that oil and water do not mix so well.

Still, water is always considered an easy, chemically and mild place to start as subconsciously you immediately get to these basic and easy cleaning formula.

Method #2: Try Using Some Oil

As we already mentioned that oil paints could not come off from water, so it is wise to put any baby oil on both of your hands and rub them. After some time you will see the paint has a much easier time getting off. Wash thoroughly with water and more like your hands would be clean

Method# 3: Think Of Using Cooking Oil

Don’t get surprised by seeing another oil option. We know already that no one wants cooking oil on their hands, but if baby oil is not working for you, so this may be the best thing for you now. Spray some oil on your hands and rub them vigorously. Hopefully, you would see the paint lift right off.

Method# 4: Acetone

Yes, we admit that nail polish remover or acetone are strong chemicals and can be pretty harsh on your skin.

No one wants to overexpose yourself to this substance, but when lesser solutions are not effective, so there is no issue in trying this. Nail polish remover will prove to be less harmful than the paint on your hands.

Remember that the purpose of acetone is to remove the paint from your hands and nails, so try and use it sparingly so that it would be able to handle its task.

Method# 5: Petroleum Jelly 

Think about trying petroleum jelly, a much milder solution. The makeup of petroleum jelly is in such a way that it will certainly able to loosen up the paint from your skin. Just rub your hands together after applying and wash it from plenty of water.

It would be best if you were very careful while using this. As applying petroleum jelly would get the paint from your hands and nails to some extent but may also spread it even more on your hands. Just make sure that paint is removed into the sink rather than on your skin.

Method# 6: Dish Soap

dish soap

It is usually applied at the last when you are done with all the home remedies, and your hands are oily and have some strong chemicals as well.

Dish soaps are designed to lift oil off surfaces so it will clean the remaining paint and oil residue off your nails and skin as dish soaps are stronger than typical hand wash and also will get your skin squeaky clean.

Method# 7: Make Your Own Homemade Paint Remover

Lastly, we have a terrific method of removing paint from your nails and hands. This must be an option which everyone would be looking for. 

If you think that none of the above methods is working for you so you can make your own paint remover with the easiest ingredients which are commonly available in your home. So note it down and get benefitted by this.

  1. Take half a cup of Baking Soda and a half cup of coconut oil and put both of them in a bowl. Then add about six drops of lemon essential oil and mix it with any spoon until it becomes a smooth paste-like consistency.
  2. Please get to the sink and under running water, take one spoon of that mixture and apply it on your hands and start rubbing at the painted areas of skin. If you want to clean your nails as well, then get a new toothbrush and deal your nails with them by rubbing them with that toothbrush.
  3. Rinse off the mixture as much as you can and then when you see that there is no paint, wash it with any hand soap to get it off entirely. After rinsing, use a towel to dry your hands, and you will not only see your hands clean but also they would be very soft.

Last but not Least 

Getting paint off from your hands and nail should not be a challenge. You should not give up the art of painting just because of this small problem. 

Always remember to start with some milder options first as it is good to avoid chemicals as much as you can.

Soaps and detergents are always preferable but still of they don’t work then you have to apply some acetone and other chemicals because you can not leave paint on your nails and skin. After all, no one will want to irritate their skin needlessly.

Be confident to use any method as mentioned earlier as none of them will harm your skin and ensure that your skin and nails are cleaned in no time as we don’t want the artist inside you to get stopped because of your cleanliness concern. 

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