Central Pneumatic 47016 Gravity Feed Spray Gun Review

Painting for home improvement and DIY projects often requires a good paint sprayer. One of your best possible choices is a HVLP paint sprayer. However, these can be expensive. Fortunately, there are cheaper options.

For example, if you already have an air compressor and a paint sprayer setup, you can just buy Central Pneumatic 47016 Gravity Feed Spray Gun. It only gives you a spray gun so that you can just hook it up to your compressor. The gun will then regulate the air pressure coming from the compressor to ensure that you get a high volume, low pressure performance for a low price.

Central Pneumatic 47016 Gravity Feed Spray Gun Review

Features of Central Pneumatic 47016 Gravity Feed Spray Gun

  • This spray gun works with a lot of air compressorsIf you already have a paint sprayer then you can just buy this spray gun to convert it to HVLP. It only requires your compressor to provide 50 to 70 PSI, which is pretty low. This should be possible for compressors with one to three horsepower. Other than that, there’s nothing you will need to do other than hook it up.
  • Paint Supply: One of the reasons why the spray gun does not require that much air pressure is the fact that it uses a gravity-fed paint supply. Placed on top of the spray gun, it provides 20 ounces of paint for your painting use. Instead of sucking in the paint and spraying it out, the paint is gravity fed into the gun and the compressor only provides the air pressure to spray it out.
  • Adjustable Pattern and Volume Control: The spray gun is not limited to just one setting. It also allows you change around the spray patterns and allow you to change how much pain will be applied with each spray. Fine-tuning it is pretty important.
  • Works Well With a Variety of Paints: This product works with a good range of paints. This includes enamels, lacquers, and metallics. This gives you a lot of options and allows you to use it for a variety of purposes. This makes the spray gun useful for hobby painting and detailing work.


  • Low Price Point: One of the big advantages of getting this product is its low price point. It’s probably one of the cheapest HVLP spray gun attachments out there. You can easily buy this on an impulse or as an experiment for your paint spray system. This is a good choice so you won’t have to spend too much.
  • Low Overspray: One of the advantages of using a HVLP sprayer is that it creates a low overspray. Overspray is the result of the spray approach. The high air pressure that sprays out the paint can result in the paint being atomized too much. This means that some of the paint is wasted. With the lower pressure of this spray gun though, you can expect a lot more of the paint being actually applied to the paint surface. You can expect at least 60% of the paint to stick to the surface.
  • High Efficiency: Another consequence of the low pressure is that the spray will be very efficient. A lot of paint will be applied and this is important. The 20 ounce container of paint that the spray uses may not seem much, but thanks to the high efficiency, you can spread it out a lot. The high volume also allows you to cover a larger area than you would normally have.


  • Low Paint Supply. One of the main problems is that despite the efficiency of the spray gun, the product only has 20 ounces. Depending on your project, this may run out. For hobby projects, this may be enough. However, if you want to paint a wall or a fence or something, this is not the spray gun that you will want to use. You will want something with a lot more supply.
  • Bare Bones. You will also want something that has a lot more features. Another problem that the spray gun lacks is the more complicated options available in other spray guns. This is no problem if you are aiming to do some simple painting. However, if you want to do finishing and coating, you may want to choose something else.


If you already have a paint sprayer setup, buying a compeletly new one to shift to HVLP paint spraying can be expensive. That’s why Central Pneumatic’s offering is a pretty good choice. If you’re still hesitant about buying an HVLP sprayer, you can try one out for an affordable price with this one.

Take note though that this does not work without a compressor. The most cost-effective way to own this Central Pneumatic 47016 Gravity Feed Spray Gun is to already have an exisiting paint sprayer. Just buy this spray gun to replace your current one. Just hook it up and try it out. If you like it, you can progress to a more full-fledged model later.

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