Can You Spray Paint Wood?

Spray paint works very well on lots of different surfaces. They provide a beautiful finish to most materials, including wood! 

Spray paint is a very quick method for finishing wood. Before you spray paint wood, you must ensure that you prepare the surface so that the paint sticks to it.

Can You Spray Paint Wood

What is Spray Painting?

Spray painting is a very easy way for you to paint any items. It can be used on lots of different pieces of furniture to achieve a very smooth and even painted finish. 

It is suitable for lots of different types of furniture, including wood. 

Is Spray Paint Compatible With Wood?

In most cases, spray paint will stick to the wood immediately. Wood is a porous material that can be easily penetrated.

As well as this, spray paint is applied at very high speeds, which allows the paint to penetrate the wood very easily. 

If you want spray paint to be applied to the surface of wood evenly, you will need to make sure that there are no bumps or imperfections in the wood.

In order to achieve this you will need to sand down the surface of the wood.

As with other materials, you will need to ensure that the wood that you are hoping to spray paint has been properly prepared before you begin. 

If you are hoping to spray wood that has been waxed, lacquer or shellac finished, you will have to remove the current finish.

These products won’t accept the paint until this is removed as the paint will not be able to penetrate the wood. 

If you are looking to remove any of these finishes, you are able to buy chemicals that will do this job for you. You can also lightly sand the material in order to encourage the wood to accept paint.

What Spray Paint Should You Use To Spray Paint Wood?

If you are hoping to spray paint wood, you will need to ensure that you have chosen the best spray paint for this purpose.

Some sprayers are designed to be applied to metal surfaces, and these should be avoided. This is because they contain certain chemicals and additives that are not necessary for coloring wood and aren’t needed.

Paints designed for metal surfaces are also more costly.

It doesn’t matter whether you choose to use oil-based or water-based paint, as they both work in the same way on wood. 

While both work well on wood, water-based sprays are slightly better than oil-based for wood.

This is because the water-based sprays don’t contain as many chemicals, meaning they are less likely to damage the wood. As well as this, they won’t discolor the surface.

These sprays are super easy to use, and they don’t require any preparation. Once you have sprayed your wood, you won’t need to wait too long before it is dry! It will only take around 2 hours to dry. 

This quick drying paint means that you are able to apply more coats of paint to the wood very quickly. You are also able to apply a top coat very soon after you have colored the furniture. 

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Not only is water-based paint better for your wood, and quicker to use, it is also much thinner. This means that it has the ability to penetrate the wood much more easily. 

When this paint has dried, you will see great coverage, with a very bright and colorful finish. It is important not to use this paint for wooden surfaces as it isn’t strong enough to protect it. 

When it comes to outdoor surfaces, it is best to use oil-based spray paints. This is because the spray paint that is oil-based will last longer on the wood.

There are additives in this spray paint that will protect the wood underneath, too.

How To Prepare The Surface?

When you are preparing wood, it is important to ensure that you sand down the surface and remove any rough edges.

You should do this with sandpaper, sanding over the surface a few times before painting this allows the paint to stick to the wood because it has a smoother finish. 

You should also ensure that you wipe down the wood surface thoroughly. You should do this by using a cloth and removing any sawdust. Don’t use water on your cloth, though, as this can cause damage to the wood. 

You should also make sure that your work area is cleaned, because dust can easily land on the furniture and stick to the paint after you have painted it.

Method To Spray Paint Wood

You will need to ensure that you apply a primer before you paint. You will likely need to add a couple of layers of this primer to ensure that it is fully covered. 

You will need to make sure that you practice using your spray paint to ensure you know how quickly the paint will leave the can. 

You should also ensure that you allow the primer on your wood to completely dry before you spray paint it. 

When the spray paint has been applied, you should ensure that it is completely dry before you move the wood as this can result in marking the paint.


When you are spray painting wood, it is important that you follow the safety instructions. You should wear protective gear, and ensure that you stay away from the toxic fumes. Paint can be harmful to human health if it is inhaled. 

You should also make sure that the area that you have chosen to spray paint has correct ventilation. You can use a ventilation fan in order to ensure that you don’t inhale the fumes. You can also opt to wear a face mask.

Final Thoughts 

It is possible to spray paint wood. Spray paint works very well on a lot of different surfaces, including wood. It is a quick, cheap and effective way to color your wood! 

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