Brownells Aluma-Hyde II Review (Is This a Good Gun Spray?)

Aluma Hyde is a fabulous product for the people who want to paint their weapons. The formula it contains is so durable that it makes this an exceptional choice among firearms paints. It has an incredible amount of resistance to almost every solvent, cleaning chemicals, and even trichloroethylene which can surely damage the paint of your weapon. The durable coating of these Aluma Hyde is based on its hard-curing epoxy base which contains high-density and extra pigment. Though it works for all adequately prepared alloy and aluminum surfaces but is considered to be best for synthetic stocks. 

After having some basic know-how about this product, let's have a quick look at few but important specifications so that you would enjoy the rest of the article when we will discuss all these in detail. 

Brownells Aluma-Hyde II Review (Is This a Good Gun Spray?)


  • Offers it, buyer, approximately a dozen different options for colors 
  • The price of one 12 ounce can is $12.99 
  • Available in a spray can or bulk liquid for airbrush application (thinner sold separately)

Brownells Aluma-Hyde II manages to give a durable DIY option for the protection of your firearm. It is found to be darn good as it easily resists aggressive scratches of fingernails and remains unaffected by the harsh cleaning chemicals. There are many wild guesses made about this firearm epoxy paint. Some people say that it is just remarketed Krylon enamel or some downgraded Duracoat finish but if we come on this, Aluma-Hyde II is basically the same as readily-available VHT Epoxy appliance spray paint, which is frequently available in gloss colors of tan, white, and black 

These Brownells Aluma-Hyde II have a wide range of color and this feature might attract people who like to camouflage their weapons. Another plus point for this product is that no cover of primer is required for its rustproof and durable finish and blends well and perfectly. Apart from the manual, there are many online videos for less experienced customers to avoid any problems during the painting process.  Now that we have equipped with enough basics, we shall move on to some features of this product. 


  • As we have mentioned above, this Aluma Hyde is formulated with a hard-curing epoxy base which means it has high-density and extra pigment to have a permanent covering. Previously epoxy spray paint was specially made for marine environments, but now it is good for the things which require durable and tightly sealed coating. 
  • These products take about a week to reach its full core but you can touch them just after a few minutes as it does not take time for drying. For applying it, you need to warm the paint at about 90°F and shake well before your first coat. Wait for a few minutes and then go with the second but not more than 30 mins. When you observe that it has started to cure, you must wait for the recommended time to recoat. However, you can use warm air to reduce time. Follow instructions religiously to get the desired result. 
  • Aluma-Hyde II comes in a variety of colors that gives you multiple options to select the one you need for your gun. Matte covers are available in Matte Black, Coyote (light, gray-brown), Desert Tan (light, desert-tan sand), O.D. Green for creating camo pattern stocks, Matte Clear, Earth Brown, Stainless Steel Gray (light), Dark Parkerizing Gray (medium-dark), and Parkerizing Gray (medium gray).

As you know that everything has some returns and some shortcomings and I won’t be biased to mention only the positive sides of this product. You should have a clear picture so that you don’t have any kind of dissonance. So, let's discuss some positives and negative sides of Alum-Hyde II 


  • The feature which is being admired most is its hard-curing epoxy base, providing durable coating. Another best thing is that it even works for difficult surfaces like plastic, steel, alloy, and aluminum. It may take some time to cure fully but believe me the end result will surely make you happy. 
  • As it comes in a wide range of colors you will have options to choose the best one to repaint your weapon or any other item. Therefore, if you are looking for a durable paint which you can get for a reasonable price, then this product is perfect for you.


  • You should be careful about the fact that the product goes thicker than its other competitive sprays. When it gets thicker it could mess with tolerances such as setting up pivot pins and takedown.
  • You need to be very vigilant towards some things during your painting process. Before you start, look for any openings like a selector switch, before the mentioned pins. This will require your attention so that you can adequately address the paint.
  • It does not have an extra battery so you face some hassles regarding that.
  • It can be noisy on some occasions so it might be a possibility that you might get irritated or lose your focus.

Although this product has some negative reviews, but still we think it’s worth checking out.  Just pay attention to the manuals and follow the painting process instructions. You won’t regret it if you decide to purchase it. 

Just like appliance epoxy spray paint, Alum-Hyde II is not ordinary spray paint and if you treat this like any other spray paint then surely the result would disappoint you. Generally, it will take 24-48 hours after painting, to reassemble your parts together if and only a low heat is given. For better results, it is advisable to give proper time to let everything cure, or else you will find that the fingernail has damaged your soft-like area. Cure time will decrease if the can and parts are warm, so gently warming the parts and can on a furnace really help you to get a harder finish faster. 

If you will not show patience and rush even for applying medium coats then you will see runs and drips which will result in a crappy-looking look of your weapon. Highly recommended to give that its due time. 


There are some useful recommendations which I think might be useful for those who are using this for the first time and even for the people who are a little casual and neglectant due to the careless attitude towards the safety measures while handling any kind of risky product. 

There are some points that you should consider if you plan to use Brownells Alum-Hyde. 

  • You must be well informed about the product and its ingredients. You must have a first-aid kit with you so that you can timely handle any sort of unfortunate mishap. 
  • It is also important to have fire- fighting measures as the product contains some flammable properties so one should be careful enough to deal with any accident. 
  • You must also be equipped with the information about its handling and must be clear about its storing restrictions which vary with the temperature and pressures of the user's surroundings.

Here we have listed some specific measures as well regarding the product that surely will help you 

Have a look 

Be careful about you safety first. These are some quick and straight safety instructions which should be followed. 

 Remove all possible sources of ignition in the surrounding area and also try to keep unnecessary personnel away. 

You do not have to touch damaged containers or spilled material unless wearing appropriate protective clothing. Ventilate with some air flow before using them. Use appropriate containment to avoid environmental contamination. 

  • You have to store this in cold places as pressure that is in sealed containers can be increased in heat. 
  • Do not smoke when you are using this. Avoid contact with skin. Handle following good industrial hygiene and safety practice. 
  • Avoid temperatures exceeding the flashpoint

Wrap Up

It is important to get all your doubts and queries get sorted before you finalize your purchase and for that you should look for information through several sources such as word-of-mouth, website reviews, one-on-one customer reviews, consumer forums, buying guides, and more. Also, feel free to look around for other sources, especially if you feel that these sources don’t offer 100% authentic information.  

Aluma-Hyde is indeed one of the most expensive rattles can paint that is available in market these days. It will chip and flake just like any other rattle-can paint. But as long as you know that you are satisfied with what you’re getting it’s usually worth your money.  

It would be not wrong when we say that if you show patience while painting your weapon it’s every feature is as good as most competitive paint we have used on any firearms. 

Today when we have aggressive bore cleaners who really do a terrific job by getting dirty gun bores sparkling clean, but they can cause particular chaos with any other finish they contact. After full cure, Aluma-Hyde II proved to be solvent-proof to all but also the most aggressive, copper-removing bore solvents. 

Aluma-Hyde’s finish is more durable than any other spray paint which can be used on any firearm and when it does get beat up with some new options though after few years then you can just recoat by yourself without stripping off the old finish. 

If it is applied as directed then it will resist corrosion and other external containments. It does not meet up to the expectations of people who are always in a rush and lack patience but if you are willing to do the job correctly, the results are impressive, durable, and transformational for only $12.99.   

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