10 Best Airless Paint Sprayers (Updated 2020)

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Thinking of your DIY projects?  Still trying to decide which type of paint sprayer you should choose when there are tons of varieties available? No fears because we will provide you with all the information and a complete buyers guide regarding the top 10 best airless paint sprayers for home use and outdoor DIY projects.

Airless paint sprayers can effortlessly achieve 10 times faster than brush and yield to the professional level, different sizes and different types are available to meet your requirements.

Here is one thing, I make you sure that all the information here is unbiased, and we have gathered it from the top trusted resources. These inexpensive paint sprayers are recommended for you. Add value to your life with these, and make your project effortless.



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Graco 262800 Paint Sprayer

Tacklife Paint Sprayer

Wagner 0518080 Paint Sprayer

TCP Global Spray Gun Set

Astro Spray Gun

Devilbiss Finishline Paint Gun

HomeRight Home Sprayer

VIVREAL Paint Sprayer (Currently unavailable. )

REXBETI Paint Sprayer

Titan Airless Paint Sprayer (Currently unavailable.)

Besides the paint pumps, airless compressor and paint guns, many of them also have easy moving casters to add more mobility to make them portable while using in the larger space. While some of them are of a handy size for quick navigation in smaller or congested areas.

As we have already stated above, selecting the best rated airless paint machines is a difficult task, to make it easy we have provided some key points here below:

  • The paint machine must have an adjustable nozzle
  • Must be easy to handle
  • Low prices still value adding machines affordable for all
  • Higher performance and extended running time
  • Final flash cleaning to make cleaning the pipe easy, when it’s done with painting. This will avoid the blocking of the pipe with the remaining paint particles.
  • Extended power cable or longer battery running time for corded or cordless paint sprayers

1. Graco 262800 Paint Sprayer

The Graco 262800 is all about flexibility. It comes with a super thoughtful suction cup through which you to spray straight from a 1 to the 5-gallon paint bucket. In other words, this model can take all jobs, small and big anything. Its manufacturers say that this beast can handle up to 125 gallons of paint annually. The Graco 262800 will help you well for outdoor and indoor projects that require a couple of days to complete.

The Graco 262800 comes with a 75-foot long hose so you can reach the farthest of the corners during paint jobs. It will spray continuously, because of the revolutionary RAC IV switch tip. You can also reverse the nozzle if it gets clogged midway through your projects. Other noteworthy highlights include the stainless steel piston for un-thinned paint also, fully customizable pressure switch to give you control over the flow of paint. And then there is the power flush, which let you connect your garden force for super fast cleanup. Make sure to view the Graco 262800; it will quickly become your to-go-to paint sprayer whenever you want high-speed performance.

2. Tacklife Paint Sprayer

The Tacklife paint sprayer is super stylish and functional as well. It proffers three spray patterns and compatible with up to four nozzle sizes (2.0, 2.5, 3.0 and a 1.0 m copper tip). Moreover, you can have a little bit more choice when it comes choosing which nozzle works for your specific needs, either you want to circular, vertical or horizontal patterns. On the other hand, you need electric power to operate this sprayer, so it comes with a 5.9-foot power cord for increased manoeuvrability.

The Track life has an adjustable valve too, so it’s worth your money. It will spray on nearly every surface evenly with zero brush marks. But, we don’t recommend it for coatings, corrosive or latex paints). You can dismantle every part of this sprayer for expedient cleaning. Also, it is easy to add paint directly to its 900 ml container – simply open the jar and pour it.

3. Wagner 0518080 Paint Sprayer

Arguably the best paint sprayer on this list, the unit combines a metal spray gun, adjustable air pressure control, and a powerful two-stage motor which allow you to paint your surfaces in a breeze. And the real beauty is, it works with thinner materials as well, such as lacquers and latex paints. Plus, it comes with dual air filters to make sure that your finish is free from dust.

The Wagner 0518080 produces a pressure of about 1.5 to 2.63 PSI. It comes with a viscosity cup too to measure how thick the paint you are using is and whether you can use it with your selected spray pattern. Other than that, it has a 20-foot hose to allow you to keep spray gun squarely facing the ground. To top it off, the Lock-n-Go front lets you change material quickly and with relative ease.

4. TCP Global Spray Gun Set

Why buy one spray gun when you can get three at an equitable price? The TCP Global spray guns come in a pack of three, a perfect choice if you have lots of painting to do. Don’t presume the affordability to mean low quality/performance. These sprayers are extremely powerful, complete with 1.4 mm nozzles for clear and base coats as well as medium to light viscosity paint. They similarly work with 1.8 mm tips of oil base, primers, latex and other heavy to medium viscosity coatings.

Each gun features a knob for effortless air pressure adjustment. Talking of pressure, the TCP Global sprayers operate at 29 to 50 PSI with air consumption of 3.5 to 7.1 CFM. Yes, these are low pressure and will only handle small painting jobs. Although, their output is stellar to give you pitch-perfect results. You can work with a 2.5HP compressor as long as you monitor the tank pressure.

5. Astro Spray Gun

Truly compact and convenient, it can handle almost every other job you throw at it, from primers to painting car doors, top coats, interior door, acrylics, picket fences and much more. This unit comes with a massive adjustable fan, which allows you to spray from a distance of eight inches for faster painting and clean coverage which you can never achieve with a brush. Also, the Astro features an integrated anti-spill air feed line for quick refills without any messes.

Never used a hand spray gun before? Not a problem! Each pack includes a detailed instruction guide or beginners indicating how to adjust the fan, clean and of course, paint on any surface effectively. Also, the Astro allows you to control the spray pattern. It comes with a one quartz cup and works with a 1.88 mm nozzle. This unit doesn’t have a large capacity so, it only ideal for small jobs. We vouch for it if you’re looking for an all-purpose, easy to clean hand-held spray gun for a price that will not leave a hole in your pocket. Each gun features a knob for easy adjustment of the air pressure. The sprayers work at 29 to 50 PSI with air consumption of 3.5 to 7.1 CFM. Yes, these are low pressure and will only handle small painting jobs.

6. Devilbiss Finishline Paint Gun

The Finishline can be worthy of mention among the best paint sprayers, for some good reason. It is a perfect pick for professional services. This is one of the few sprayers using superior atomization technology, to give you clean, well-balanced finishes beautiful to look at. And it comes with three tips, so you can count on this unit to handle a multiplicity of paint jobs.

The finish line works on the pressure of 23 PSI. The internal passages have a smooth lining which makes it easy to clean your sprayer. The machine air cap combines with the fluid nozzles to allow you to paint on surfaces with accuracy. On top, the high-grade stainless steel components guarantee long-lasting performance. It is a gamer changer especially if you want to take your painting it to the next level. Many users note that this sprayer is easy to adjust, has a nice finish and the atomization is incredible. Only if it was cheaper.

7. HomeRight Home Sprayer

The HomeRight sprayer will change your opinion about paint – in every sense of the word. A moderately priced model will give you super smooth finishes with less thinning, making it an excellent substitute for handheld paint sprayers. It features multiple spray settings to let you fiddle with how fast or slow it releases the paint. This sprayer is lightweight too, despite packing more power than most sprayers in its class.

We recommend it for home jobs such as painting furniture, fences, decks, crafts, and deck as well as dressers. It comes with a 39-ounce container, allowing to complete most medium scale jobs without refilling. Super compatible with up to six nozzles so you can tackle a variety of tasks. Besides, the HomeRight has a two-year warranty, which indications that the manufacturer trusts its quality and performance. You’ll get value for your money.

8. VIVREAL Paint Sprayer


This model comes with two adjustables and an 800 ml container. It is soundly compact, allowing you to paint hard to reach spaces with relative ease. The sprayer designs simple, no-frills makes it a perfect choice for beginners. Plus, the ergonomic handle makes it comfortably fit in your hands, making your painting job at ease and efficient.

VIVREAL supports three spray patterns so that you can spray paint vertically, horizontally and diagonally. Also, it has in integrated viscosity cap to allow you to determine whether the material is thin or thick enough to give you the desired results. Meanwhile, the adjustable valve knob lets you achieve an even finish. It comes with polishing brushes too, which means you can clean your sprayer quickly. Just unscrew the paint container and clean – as easy as a piece of cake!

9. REXBETI Paint Sprayer

A perfect pick if you’re scouting for a heavy duty paint sprayer without spending too much, it offers a perfect balance between power and outstanding finish. The unit runs on 500 watts to provide a smooth finish. And, with a generous capacity of 1000 ml, you can do a lot of painting before you need to refill. What’s more? The REXBETI offer versatility with three nozzle sizes too.

Controlling this sprayer doesn’t require a lot of effort as it comes with a strategically placed knob that puts you in charge of how fast or slow it gushes out paint due to which can have a better finish on edges, corners, and interior surfaces, enabling you to give your DIY projects a customized finish. The REXBETI is stress free to assemble also it takes about ten minutes to set it up. Additionally, each The package comes with a cleaning attachment to ensure that you get your sprayer’s functionality at its best. And, because the REXBETI weighs a mere 3 pounds, you can spray for a long hour without hand fatigue.

10. Titan Airless Paint Sprayer

The Titan doesn’t come cut-rate but the lofty price tag has a five-star performance to match. Top of the list of this monster’s extraordinary features is the revolutionary High Efficiency (HEA) technology which gives a jaw-dropping output. With such capability, this is one of the best paint sprayers for huge jobs. It’s highly efficient as apart from covering a large area fast, it also decreases over spray by up to 55% as compared to other in-class sprayers.

It spreads the paint evenly to ensure consistent results from start to finish. But how about the durability? Well, this thing comes with a durable pump that can last up to three times longer than the closest competition. It takes a second to replace the fluid, translating to less maintenance. Moreover, the The exclusive Sureflo pusher ensures brilliant priming every time you use the sprayer. Last but not least, Titan spurts paint at a remarkable pressure of 1500 PSI.

In Conclusion

We hope we’ve delivered you helpful insights that will enable you to choose a sprayer that is in line with your painting needs. Comment in case you’ve got any question.


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