Wagner 05029014 iSpray Front End Kit Review

Wagner is among the highly respected brands in the paint sprayer industry. It, therefore, would not be a lie to claim that the portable Wagner 05029014 iSpray front end kit is a superior product for anyone who wants to paint broad exterior or interior surfaces with unthinned coatings.

It combines a detail finishing nozzle, iSpray nozzle, and X boost turbine well. The iSprayer delivers an impressive light texture finish when you are working with  unthinned latex on broad surfaces. Read on to uncover more about the amazing device.

Wagner 05029014 iSpray Front End Kit Review

Features of Wagner 05029014 iSpray Front End Kit

  • An attached paint container and nozzle:
    This comes with a flow rate control which means you can use a trigger to control the flow of paint. The item also comes with a pattern setting that helps you achieve four spray patterns—vertical, narrow, horizontal, and wide spray patterns.
    The container is also compatible with all types of unthinned house paints, so you can also use latex paint. The iSpray nozzle works well for broad surfaces while the detailed finishing nozzle works well for smaller projects that demand precise finishing.
  • X-boost turbine:
    The X-boost turbine generates around three times more power when you compare it to traditional paint sprayers. This is the reason it can paint with latex and oil-based products without needing to be thinned. It provides an ideal solution for the most tedious home tasks without too much worry.
  • Lock and go technology:
    An exclusive from Wagner, the technology allows you to mix and match parts of the product quickly from various paint sprayer systems for different styles of a paint job.
  • A removable front end kit:
    You can easily remove this from the sprayer system for cleaning.
  • A comfortable handle:
    This makes it convenient and easy to hold because it does not cause strained hands when using it.
  • Performance sprayer can spray 8 gallons per hour:
    You can complete an 8’x10’ surface area in less than five minutes.
  • Useful instructional materials
    You can use this to understand how to use the machine to get the most out of it.
  • Warranty
    Manufacturers give buyers a 1-year warranty.


  • It sprays fast, producing smooth and consistent finishes
  • Easy to use
  • Cleans easily
  • Saves a lot of time
  • Works well with all types of paints, whether thick or thin
  • It is possible to seamlessly work with multiple products and colors thanks to the Flexio sprayer system
  • Great value for money
  • Both professional and first-time painters can use it with ease
  • Lightweight, especially when you compare with other spraying products on the market
  • Long lasting because it does not feature any wearable parts, something that increases its lifespan
  • Can be used effectively for both outdoor and indoor jobs
  • Portable
  • Safe to use especially around the house because it does not have an air compressor
  • Powerful and less noisy


  • Some users complain that the tips are a little fragile; thus, users must be careful when using them so that they do not crack or break
  • You must clean it immediately after use if you do not want the paint to dry in the gun, making it more challenging to remove


The Wagner 05029014 iSpray beats a majority of its competitors, hands down. All this is due to its simplicity, and long-lasting durability because it does not feature any wearable parts, something that increases its lifespan. You can use this on indoor or outdoor jobs.

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