The Best Hiltex 31229 Paint Sprayer Review

Are you searching for the best paint sprayer to buy? A paint sprayer, also referred to as a paint gun, has many benefits to you as a professional painter or decorator. The reason? It enables you to end up with a smooth finish.

One brand of paint sprayer that you should consider buying is the Hiltex 31229 Paint Sprayer. It works by spraying the paint in a smoothly on the surface that you're painting, which allows you to spray large areas quickly. This review looks at all you need to know about the Hiltex 31229 Paint gun.

Features of Hiltex 31229 Paint Sprayer

1). Easy to Grip Handle

The Hiltex 31229 Paint Gun comes with an easy to grip handle that’s comfortable to hold. It enables you to control your painting, resulting in minimal wasted paint and time. Its trigger comes with a locking control mechanism that enables you to spray a uniform coat.

Bear in mind, you want a smooth finish in certain areas such as your living room. The Hiltex paint sprayer ensures that you have the best painting outcome.

2). Metal handle

Its handle is made of metal, which means that this sprayer will serve you longer. Another benefit of buying this paint sprayer is that its air regulating features are made of solid brass. You want value for your money when shopping for the best paint sprayer, and the best way to ensure that is by buying a paint sprayer with durable features, like the Hiltex 31229 Paint Gun.

3).Interchangeable Nozzles, 4mm, 6mm, and 8mm

This paint sprayer comes with Interchangeable nozzles that measure 4mm, 6mm, and 8mm, meaning that you can use it to spray liquids of different viscosity. One particular advantage of this paint sprayer is that one spray angle can be utilized for spraying both ceilings and walls. That means that you don’t have to keep changing angles, finishing your painting job faster.

4). 5 Liter (1.3 Gallon)

You don’t have to keep refilling this paint sprayer -- it has a 5-liter (1.3 gallons), heavy-duty capacity. It also comes with a fed hopper cup, which is gravity fed. It means that you'll enjoy using this paint sprayer for your painting jobs.

The reason is that a gravity fed model is portable since you only need to carry the air supply hose. It’s also easier to clean up. Other features of the Hiltex 31229 Paint Gun include 1/4" NPT air inlet and 7cfm air consumption.


  • The Hiltex 31229 Paint sprayer has many benefits. For instance, it’s easy to clean and is cost friendly. The reason is that its gravity fed, which means that it’s a better option when you compare it with pressure tank and pressure fed paint guns.
  • It can provide you with smaller volumes of paint if needed, which means that it minimizes waste. Resulting in cost-efficient projects.
  • You can use it to spray liquids of different viscosity. In our case, the 4mm, 6mm, and 8mm nozzles were helpful, since we wanted the best finish.
  • Its trigger comes with a locking control mechanism, which enables you to spray a uniform coat. Remember that an area such as your living room requires a consistent finish.


  • When ordering the Hiltex 31229 Paint sprayer, the package didn’t come with instructions. However, I was able to set it up after experimenting for around 10 minutes. It’s one area that the manufacturer should check to ensure customers have an easier time setting it up.
  • When filing it, be careful. The reason is that once it’s filled with paint, the gun gets heavy while the hopper does not stay attached. The best way is to consider filling it often rather than all at once.


The Hiltex 31229 Paint sprayer is one device that you should consider buying if you want to carry out fast and efficient paint spraying jobs. It comes with many amazing features, for example, the interchangeable nozzles and easy to hold handles. This review gives it a rating of 4.0 out of stars, the main reason being that it’s easy to use.

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