8 Best Respirator Masks for Spray Painting

Many DIY jobs, such as spray painting a wall of your house or your car, can be unnerving while inhaling all those chemicals in your lungs, One should not compromise on his/her health ever in life. Luckily, this is where a spray paint respirator mask comes in handy. 

Paint respirators provide safety when we are dealing with paints. Paints (including the non-toxic ones), can be unsafe for our health as they contain chemicals and dust particles that affect our lungs. Studies have shown that professional painters are more at risk of becoming infected with lung diseases due to the paint vapors they inhale during their jobs. A paint respirator mask is an essential tool all artists should own for their safety in the short and long term.

There are many kinds of respirator masks available in the market, including disposable, half-cartridge masks, and full-face masks. The choice of mask varies according to the type of projects you want to carry out and how often you use it. We have created a guide detailing the best masks available in the market for different uses. 



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1). North Safety 770030L 7700 Series 

2). 3M Personal Protective Equipment 

8 Best Respirator Masks for Spray Painting

3). 3M 7162 Full-Facepiece Respirator 

4). Breath Buddy Respirator Mask 

Out of Stock, Last checked 30 July, 2020

5). NASUM M101 Face Cover

6). SAS Safety 7650-61 Opti-Fit

7). 3M Ultimate FX Full Facepiece Reusable

Out of stock, Last checked 30 July, 2020

8). SAS Safety 003-9901 Supplied Air Full-Face

5 Best Respirator Masks for Spray Painting:

1).North Safety 770030L 7700 Series Silicone Half Mask Respirator Large (1 EA) Mask Only.

First on the list is our absolute favorite. A trusted brand, Honeywell, manufacture it. The mask made up of soft silicone, which does not cause any allergies. Honeywell has built this product, keeping in mind the comfortability of the mask and how well it fits the user's face. The half-mask design allows reduced pressure points on the face, and so is ideal for long time use. The mask doesn't interfere with the eyewear enabling users to wear eyewear along with it comfortably. This mask ensures that users enjoy a wide field of vision.

Moreover, the mask allows more natural breathing so you won't have to remove it from time to time and reduces fatigue caused by difficult breathing while wearing masks. You can comfortably wear this mask for long periods as this model provides strong support around the chin area, and it is elastic around the nose bridge. The cradle suspension is highly flexible, allowing your face movement more natural. All types of N-series cartridges are suitable for use in this model. Many people aren't aware that these masks come in different sizes of small, medium, and large. This model is NIOSH approved and is suitable for welding and painting. 

One important notable point here is that unlike other mask respirators, the North Safety comes without any filters and cartridges, which means you have to buy them separately. The package only contains a mask respirator.


  • Very soft on the face
  • Allows flexibility as you can choose which type of cartridge fits your purpose.
  • Easy to adjust and sits comfortably on the front.
  • It is ideal to use for long hours as it is super comfortable.


  • Does not come with any filters. You have to buy the filters and cartridges according to your use separately.

2). 3M Personal Protective Equipment Half Facepiece Reusable Respirator 7501/37081(AAD), Respiratory Protection, Small

8 Best Respirator Masks for Spray Painting

The 3M Personal Protective Equipment is a half-mask made from highly durable soft silicon. 3M™ Half Facepiece Reusable Respirator 7500 Series protects the user against toxic particulates of gases and vapors. It is advisable to use the approved 3M filters and cartridges for the best protection as they immensely reduce the user's exposure to contaminants. This product includes one set of filters and cartridges. One of the fantastic features of this model is the special CoolFlow valve, which allows more natural breathing for the user. Your eyewear won't get foggy by your breath as the breathing valve directs your breath downwards. The mask also has a dual-mode harness for the head, so either you can wear it the standard way, or you can lower your mask only by "dropping down" without the need to take off your safety hat first. This model, like the previous one, is available in all three sizes. 


  • Comfortable to wear once you adjust the straps according to the size of your face.
  • It allows for more natural breathing.
  • It is lightweight. It weighs only 6.4 ounces.
  • It has a unique feature that directs the user's breath downwards, thus preventing safety glasses from getting foggy.


  • The overall packaging of the mask is of average standard and can be improved.

3). 3M 7162 Full-Facepiece Spray Paint Respirator - Organic Vapor

The 3M Full Face respirator is explicitly created for spray painting. You won't regret buying this as it can be worn many times. Only the cartridges and filters would have to be changed with time. This mask offers complete safety and protection. This mask respirator is a good value for your money. It is the best for your spray painting hobbies and DIY jobs that require you to protect yourself from harmful chemicals infecting your eyes and throat. The pack includes various extra items such as two organic vapor cartridges, 4 P95 filters, and two face shield covers. This full-face mask does not cause any fogging as it has a good seal. It provides complete protection against chemically hostile environments. 


  • Ideal to use by painters and chemists.
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Doesn't leave imprints of the mask on the face.
  • Can be reused


  • Mask doesn't accommodate glasses and do not seal fully with them. This causes less air to be filtered, and you will be exposed to some part of the unfiltered air.

4). Breath Buddy Respirator Mask (Plus Safety Glasses) 

If you are looking for a respirator mask that you can use for an extended period to spray paint, then look no further. This Breath Buddy Mask Respirator blocks out fumes, chemicals, pollen, and even the smell of paint from entering your body via your eyes or nose. It's easy to breathe, using this mask, that you won't even remember that you are wearing one while working. Breath Buddy Respirator Mask is a value pack. Along with the mask, you get high-quality safety glasses for the protection of your eyes, a pair of particle filters, and a pair of vapor/organic cartridges. These features add value for money for this product. There's very little humidity, while you are wearing the mask, due to its cool air valve feature. Unlike many other respirator masks in the market, this one is light and easy to carry. There will be no foggy vision, whether you are wearing the safety glasses provided by the model or your glasses. 


  • Comfortable and easy to handle straps
  • A pair of safety glasses included
  • Money-back guarantee offered by the company
  • Cool air valve included preventing sweating


  • Instructions mentioned on the package can be challenging to understand.

5). Reusable Half Face Cover, NASUM M101 Face Cover

This reusable half-face cover mask is made with silicone mixture material; this mask is soft on the face and sits well on the face. You do not have to worry about frequently changing the mask. You can wear this half-mask along with glasses, ear muffs, and any head protection equipment. This respirator mask comes in medium and large sizes and is a combination of the solvent respirator and particulate Respirator. It is comfortable to wear by everyone, including people who wear glasses have no issues while wearing this mask. The filters can work for up to 40 to 45 hours but have to be changed after that. Every air that you breathe incomes through 2 filters that blocks the fumes, chemicals, pollen, dust, and smell from entering your body. One greater feature about this product is that it comes with extra filters. I would highly recommend this mask for spray painting your car.  


  • High-quality packaging and design.
  • Includes extra filters
  • The air entering your body is filtered through two filters.


  • There is a slight smell of the plastic that comes when this mask is used for a long time.

6). SAS Safety 7650-61 Opti-Fit Full-face APR Respirator, Medium

This Respirator promises to provide fantastic protection and safety features without your project becoming unnerving. The mask is made up of silicon featuring a head strap with five points and a cup that covers the nose to prevent the lens from becoming foggy. This product boasts a three-year limited warranty and a large viewing area.


  • Wide viewing field
  • Comfortable and durable 5 point head strap
  • Reduced fogging.


  • Not very comfortable to wear with glasses.

7). 3M Ultimate FX Full Facepiece Reusable Respirator FF-401, Small

The 3M Ultimate FX Full Face Piece is engineered with both comfort and practicality in mind. It is equipped with a patented Cool flow valve for easy breathing while simultaneously working to prevent the internal accumulation of hot and humid air when working outdoors on a project. It is available in all sizes. This model's user manual is straightforward and easy to understand, unlike the other respirator masks mentioned here. The mask has a large lens that provides a high field of view for clear visibility, and they are easy to clean with liquids. 


  • The mask doesn't fog up and is exceptionally comfortable
  • An additional feature that adds value for money is the protective shield provided along with the mask.


  • Although not a major flaw, you might want to shave before wearing this mask.
  • The respirator mask does not seal in full if it is worn with the glasses.
  • The lens gets scratched easily.

8). SAS Safety 003-9901 Supplied Air Full-Face Respirator

This respirator mask is a continuous flow supplied air solution made from sturdy silicon rubber, polycarbonate lens, and it is also very durable, which allows it to withstand extreme temperatures. It is a replaceable high-impact polycarbonate lens that offers a comprehensive and distortion-free viewing area. It's equipped with a five-point harness and fog and scratch-resistant coating. It easily fits under most hard hats.


  • Durable and has a large viewing area
  • This model is extremely lightweight, weighing only 0.010 ounces. 


  • Not ideal for people wearing glasses.

Benefits of Respirator Masks for Spray Painting

There are innumerable benefits of using respirator masks. Respirator masks serve as an air mask allowing you to breathe air that free from any harmful substances. Respirators masks offer protection to the painters against toxic chemicals that may enter their respiratory tract. Respirator masks form a seal around our entire face, thus filtering out fumes or anything harmful from entering our bodies. Respirator masks also prevent us from inhaling dust or any harmful particles that can even cause significant lung diseases over the long term. Many masks are full face, thus protecting your eyes as well.

Buying guide

1). Types of Respirators:

When considering the kind of respirator mask that you have to buy, it's vital to take your time, read, and get to know the different types of respirator masks mentioned above, their capabilities, and the pros and cons they offer. Listed below are the types of respirators that are available to be worn during spray painting:

Half-face Respirator: As the name suggests, half face mask respirator covers half of your face, that is, it covers your mouth and nose. This mask is more comfortable to wear as it is less intruding. Half-face Respirator is beneficial for projects that do not require you to wear eye protection. You do have the option of wearing or fitting your eye protection while wearing the half-face respirator mask.

Full-face Respirator: This respirator mask is designed and made in a way that it covers the whole face, that is, the entire mouth and nose area. It has built-in eyewear as well to protect your eyes. This mask is more beneficial than the half-face Respirator as it protects the eyes as well. The integrated eye protection is much better in terms of safety than the standard googles.

It's essential to look for a full-face respirator that has extra features such as the cool flow valve present in the 3M Personal Protective Equipment Half Facepiece Reusable Respirator. This feature prevents the eyewear from getting fogged up, causing distorted vision. The full-face Respirator is the heaviest among all the different types of masks mentioned here.

Disposable Respirator: As the name suggests, these respirator masks are for one-time use only. So if you do not have any long term plans to spray paint, then these are the masks for you. These are usually half-face masks covering the mouth and nose to prevent the entry of any dust or chemicals inside your body.  

2). Types of Filters:

Respirator Filter: Now that we have covered the types of different respirator masks, let's get to know about the kinds of respirator filters available for the masks. Type of filter is also one of the essential features when you are assessing the nature of the Respirator to buy for your spray painting job.

Why is the filter important?

The filter is essential because you have to be sure that the filter present in your mask does a good enough job in filtering out all the chemicals, fumes, and allergens coming your way.

Many different types of filters are inbuilt into the respirators. For painting projects involving fumes and acetone, it is an excellent decision to buy a respirator with the gas and vapor filter. These filters filter out the vapors and gas, meaning they are suitable to block out any particles.

You have the option of using more than one filter, though. You can use dual cartridge ones to protect you against particles as well as gas.

Disposable masks have the particulate filter to block out the particles. There purifies the air entering your body and is ideal for the protection of you against large particles but not vapors and gas.

It's up to the task you have to perform, which will enable you to decide the kind of respirator mask you have to buy.

Filtering Ability – If your project involves using the respirator mask for a long time, then it is good if you find out the exact amount the Respirator can filter. Buy the one that offers the maximum protection. You will learn how far the mask can go in filtering all those chemicals and gases that are toxic for you.

3. NIOSH Approval – It is always better to buy a respirator that is approved and certified by The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).

Many products are claimed to provide safety, but it's always a better option to go for products with NIOSH approval.

This approval means the product adhere to the safety and quality standards that are set by the industry. It also means that toxic gases, particles, and fumes will not be able to enter via the mask respirators.

4. Reusability – If your job is one time, it is wise to buy a disposable mask. You don't have the hassle of replacing filters and cartridges. However, if you plan to use the respirator masks regularly, then go for the reusable one. Read and understand the instruction manuals of the masks to adhere to the maintenance requirements offered by the Respirator's company.

Another essential point to clean the filters from time to time to make sure the mask is safe for you. Get to know the time you can use the item. Find out any extra steps that have to be taken to maintain your mask in its excellent form.

5. Comfort: You will be wearing this time for several hours doing your project. You must buy a mask respirator that is comfortable enough that you are able to fully focus on your work at hand and not fidgeting with the mask all the time. One tip of finding out whether the mask is comfortable or not is that you will soon not notice that you are wearing a respirator because of its comfortability. For people who wear spectacles, make sure the mask doesn't fidget with your spectacles, or it doesn't make them foggy. Also, the Respirator should give you the widest field of vision possible. Moreover, masks made of softer material provide more comfort to the nose and leaves less to no marks, so if you plan on wearing it for eight or more hours, you have to check these features as well.

An ideal respirator to buy wouldn't be too heavy. But don't compromise on the safety only because of the Respirator's lightness.

3). Cleaning and Maintenance:

Firstly, you have to take off the filters and the cartridges from the mask respirators and clean any dust, oil or any particles that may be stuck in them. Clean them with a soft dry cloth. It's important not to let any toxic particles stay on the filter and cartridge for a long time as this will damage the mask. Chemical vapors, if stuck on the mask for long, can damage it beyond repair.

Almost all products have instructions about how to clean and wash the respirators, so make sure you go through that. There are also useful tips that you can search on the internet to clean your mask without damaging it.


Safety comes first. No matter the painting job you plan to carry on, you should early plan on protecting yourself. There have to be gloves, safety glasses and the best Respirator for your situation. After making sure that you are well protected, you can carry your work without any worry

We can avoid innumerable health problems if we just take some extra precautions. Make sure your mask is always maintained so that it keeps you protected at all times.

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