4 Best Spray Guns For Plasti Dip

PlastiDip is a rubberized coating that can be applied to surfaces to temporarily change colors and add protection. The material is solitary, a temporary covering because it can be peeled up by hand at any time to restore the original finish. It can be used anywhere around the house, in the garden, for arts and crafts, for auto repairs, for coating tool handles and parts, and so much more.

Let me put it this way: if you can paint it, you can PlastiDip it—for a comfortable grip, slip resistance, anti-moisture protection, abrasion and corrosion resistance, and more. Please make sure prior to purchasing any spray gun that it will work with using Plastidip since these guns are made to use regular household paints. 

In this article we list 4 spray guns for Plasti Dip, from which you can easily make the right choice. If you make up your mind, you can click on the links provided and buy the product directly from Amazon.



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1). DYC DipSprayer System


Sprayer Spray Gun Replacement

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last checked 10 july, 2020

3). Can-Gun1 2012 Aerosol Spray

4). Wagner 0529031 Paint Sprayer

Best Paint Sprayer Guns For Plasti Dip:

1). DYC DipSprayer System

DYC dipsprayer

DYC DipSprayer is the best PlastiDip Spray Gun that provides the better user experience. Over the 3500 turbines, you will discover 50% more PSI and more noteworthy than CFM which will provide enhanced atomization and evener surface.

Key Features

  • You can have enhanced atomization of dip by making use of needle which is of particular size and shape.
  • The gun can revolve 360 degrees by making use of DYC Quick Connect Hose.
  • At the time of application, the gun locks in place in order to avoid hose cracking out.
  • It holds paint cup of 48 oz. ,16.5 feet long DYC quick connect hose, a spare gasket, two additional needle seals, a needle removal tool and a spare air filter.
  • The air temperature is reduced by the smooth bore which is extremely durable.
  • Every time you spray the products of Rubber Dip Spray or Plasti Dip you will experience the smoother finish. If you prefer faultless blending, then attach this tool to any domestic drill. Before usage, you can mix and blend dip gallons by attaching to any household drill


  • Compact and small
  • Light in weight
  • Gives even coat
  • Rotates 360 degrees


  • Feel of little flimsy

2). DipSprayer Spray Gun Replacement


DipYourCar offerings the spray gun replacement which you will find in the DYC DipSprayer system. The air will be sucked through the straw existing in the container.

Key Features

  • It encompasses paint cup of 32 oz which is well-matched with the DYC quick connect hose.
  • For improved atomization and evener finish, it makes use of the DipTip needle.
  • This tool is well matched with the DYC DipSprayer quick connect hose.
  • This piece of equipment will provide you with excellent results so you can make use of it in any of your projects


  • Fantastic replacement of dipsprayer kit
  • Works for the base color and top coat as well
  • Perfect size


  • Doesn't have a base unit
  • Requires a unique turbine to connect to the compressor
  • Should not spray regular auto paint.

3). Can-Gun1 2012 Aerosol Spray


SafeWorld International Inc. suggestions Can-Gun1 2012 which is one of the best spray guns for Plasti Dip. You can make use of this device for relaxed spraying by making use of first full grip trigger. The two times leverage action will make your task simple and speedy. It is one of the finest spray guns for Plasti Dip.

Key Features

  • It consists of 77.3% recycled plastic and can be fitted to all hand sizes.
  • You can delight in lifetime warranty in this USA made the product.
  • The design is arthritis friendly which will assist in keeping away the stiffness.
  • It relishes the advantage of 2x leverage along with 2 can guns.
  • You will discover it the world’s leading full grip e-z pull trigger.
  • If you are trying to find a universal fit for all cans, then make use of this device which will provide you satisfactory outcomes. As per your accessibility, you can make use of this reusable product.


  • Easy to use
  • Less dripping
  • The device is made from 77.3% recycled plastic and non-toxic materials
  • Double leverage action feature


  • Fragile casing

4). Wagner 0529031 Paint Sprayer

4 Best Spray Guns For Plastidip (2020 Edition)

Wagner 0529031 is introduced by the Wagner Spraytech. It has the ability to work for MotoCoat complete car and truck paint sprayer. You don’t need to add equipment to apply coatings to automobiles.

Key Features

  • Around your vehicle, you will discover complete maneuverability due to 39-feet of high-flex hose.
  • For quick clean-up and color changes, you can detach the spray attachments.
    It will deliver you smooth finish with the help of nozzle and cup attachment which sprays thin paint.
  • You can paint anywhere due to portable power and experience exceptional atomization with the support of X-Boost turbine.
  • If you are looking for a thick coating with a surfaced finish, then make use of this apparatus that holds iSpray nozzle and cup attachment to provide users protective coatings.


  • Offers an impressive paint job
  • Comes with flexible hose
  • Affordable
  • Little overspray
  • Easy to use


  • Small container
  • Requires a regular and thorough cleaning

Buying guide for Spray Guns For Plastidip 

When you are shopping for sprayers for a plastic dip, you will find many models available in the market. Every gun you will see will have some unique specifications and might attract you to buy, which doesn't mean that is necessary for you. 

A sprayer gun with high-quality features will cost you more. To save your money, you should know what you need for that product. To avoid paying extra and not to go out of budget, we have listed some essential features that a sprayer for plastic dip should have.

Remember that if you want just a spray gun, you should buy the one with a lot of features, but if you need a sprayer, the only plastic dip, then you should consider these features before pulling out your wallet for buying.

Scroll down a give it a look!

1) Pressure Regulator

A pressure regulator is the most important thing that a sprayer for plastic dip should have. A pressure regulator lets you adjust the pressure according to your project's needs and gives you full control over your painting.

It is suggested that if your sprayer does not have a pressure regulator, then you should seriously think twice before buying that.

2) Size of the Plasti Dip Container:

The right proportion of the plastic dip container is significant in a sprayer. If your sprayer has a larger container, you quickly finish your project in less time and without any stress of filling the container again. Thus, a larger plasticdip container will save your time and money as well.  The most efficient spray guns will have a sizeable container that will allow consumers to store the maximum Plastic Dip.

3) Versatility 

Regardless of the project you are working on, and you will definitely want your paint sprayer to be multi-tasking or versatile. Though today you need a sprayer only for the plasticdip, if you are spending your money, then you should choose a sprayer that can perform other tasks as well. Spray guns are beneficial in renovating your house and giving it a new look, especially when you are DIYer and a regular user.

Look a paint sprayer that can be easily used for various projects such as woodworking projects and not only plastic dip. This will enable a lot of money shortly. 

4) Weight

This aspect is vital for the professional who tends to hold sprayers in his hand for many hours. We have deduced that a paint sprayer, which is less than four pounds, will not be challenging to carry all day. Though sprayers with a large container will definitely weight more, you have to choose very smartly by holding it in your hand before buying.

Another reason for weight being a vital factor to consider is that you could avoid your frustration, which comes when you couldn't reach the tight corners of your object just because your sprayer is too heavy or too big. So always go for a lighter model of you have to paint small edges properly.

5) Intended Surface

Many DIYers have a problem that they are buying the best paint sprayer and spending a lot on it, but still, they are not getting the desired result. This may be because they are not considering the surface they are painting on. They maybe have the best sprayer, but it is possible that it would not complement the surface of your painting object. For some surfaces, air sprayers are better, and for others, electric HVLP can guarantee a more significant stick and coverage.

Be sure that you are well aware and confident about your surface and selecting the right spray gun, which is best suited for that surface to have an amazing painting experience.

6) Warranty

We all will agree here that we often get clumsy while using our tools. Incidents like dropping, scraping, or chipping are nearly impossible to avoid, especially when you are new users. So it is good to have a guaranteed warranty. 

Warranty of 12-24 months is fundamental if you plan to use your spray gun for a more extended period and incur heavy usage. Usually, the length of warranty tells you how much the manufacturer cares about its clients and tools and how openly you can trust it. 

To avoid the additional hassle and stress of paying out of your pocket for unfortunate damage, be sure to buy the warranty that comes with your spray gun. 

7) Sprayer type

Before finally buying a sprayer, you should know the area that you will work on.  Some paint sprayers are perfect for cars while some are good for woodworking and some are good for both. There are many different sprayer kinds available in the market, such as airless paint sprayers, HVLP paint sprayers, etc. Do your research about the sprayer well to find out which one of these sprayers will give you better results for your project, as this can save your time and money as well.

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