HVLP Sprayer: Why You Need One

When it is time to paint a large area, the traditional way to do so is by using a brush or roller. However, modern technology has influenced this. Now, you can use a paint sprayer to do the painting. The best choice for anyone looking to do the painting is to get an HVLP paint sprayer.

For those, who don’t know what is an HVLP paint sprayer, the acronym means “high volume, low pressure.” This refers to the amount of paint that the paint sprayer applies and how much air pressure is used to apply it.

Basics of HVLP Sprayer: Why You Need One

Traditionally, paint sprayers used high levels of compressed air supplied by an air compressor to spray paint. However, the result was a low volume of paint being applied since the high pressure “misted” the paint so that a lot of it was wasted. You can waste over 70 percent of the paint you use in painting with this approach.

HVLP sprayers reversed the formula. By lowering the air pressure, there is less misting. The result is that you can get a lot more consistent paint coating on your target area. It retains the speed, while getting better results.

There are currently two types of HVLP sprayers. One of them uses conventional compressors as the source of their air pressure. However, the difference is with the spray gun. The sprayer regulates the pressure used to a much lower level.

You have better results by only replacing the sprayer. The other type uses an air turbine, which produces a lower air pressure but manages to push out a lot more air. Both types share the same advantages.

High Efficiency

The biggest benefit of using HVLP sprayers is that they are very efficient when it comes to getting the paint applied. Normal sprayers usually result with only 30 percent of the paint reaching the paint area. HVLP sprayers can ensure at least double that amount reaching the target area. This is because there is less misting of paint, with the more solid paint consistently being applied to the paint area.

Better Quality

Thanks to the better efficiency of the sprayer, you can have better results. When painting, the important thing is to have an even and consistent application of paint. When you paint with a brush or roller, the paint coating will have different levels. You tend to go back and the results can be uneven.

Normal paint sprayers often eliminate this problem. They apply paint in an even layer. However, these layers can also have air bubbles and the like. This is because high-pressure sprayers can inject a bit too much air. One of the results is air bubbles and this can ruin your paint layer. With HVLP sprayers, there are fewer chances of the paint quality to drop.

Besides fewer air bubbles, HVLP sprayers provide a layer of coating. This allows for an even spread. The final layer of paint will not even be needing any buffing thanks to the evenness of application. 

Speedier Results

HVLP sprayers are very well-known as the fastest spray guns out there. The high volume of output results in a quicker end to any painting job. For example, an eight by ten ft. area will require you to only spend thirty minutes of your time. That’s a sizable area that would normally require hours of painting with brush and rollers.

Even normal sprayers would require double that amount of time. If you’ve got a lot of painting that needs to be done, then an HVLP sprayer is a good choice so that you can finish quickly. It also helps that HVLP sprayers are point-and-shoot affairs. The only problem with them is that they tend to have difficult set-ups and clean-ups. 


Thanks to the better efficiency of your painting, you can expect savings. First, the savings will come from the paint that you save. With a 70 percent paint loss from the application with your normal sprayer, you would normally not be getting your money’s worth. You’ll be losing 70 percent of your paint. With HVLP sprayers, the paint is applied in high volumes so you can be sure that a lot more paint is used.

It is not just the paint that you save on. HVLP sprayers tend to be very cost-effective. You can buy one cheaply and, if you use it for your business, you can get back your expenses quickly.

Making Painting Fast and Easy 

HVLP sprayers are a good choice making your painting experience easy. Thanks to the multiple benefits, you can be sure that adding one to your toolbox is worth the expense. Just remember to pick the right one that fits your needs and you will be pleasantly surprised with the results.

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